Honey Caramel Sea Salt 100g

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Flavour Creamed Raw
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Our Honey Sea Salt Caramel balances the floral sweetness of Three Foragers Honey with unrefined sea salt harvested from the shores of Vancouver Island.

Every ingredient in our honey caramels is carefully chosen to create a decadent treat with incredible flavour, while also minimizing the environmental impact on our beautiful earth. As beekeepers and candy-makers, we know that you can indulge your sweet tooth without having processed sugars, which is why each caramel contains 100% Canadian honey produced by our own bees.

Live green, eat wild. Not only are our caramels sustainably produced, but they are also packaged in 100% home-compostable material to reduce our environmental footprint.

Ingredients: Pure Canadian Honey, Cream, Butter, Sunflower lecithin, Sea salt. Contains: Milk.