Plants And Fungi Pocket Notebook 4-pack

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Keep notes on the best locations to find morels and chanterelles, keep a hiking journal or make observations on the changing understory flora in these pocket-sized field notebooks. This pack features plants, fungi, poisonous plants and forest nutrients.

At four by six inches, they fit comfortably in one hand or your back pocket.

Each 4-pack contains four different covers:


Poisonous Plants

Forest Nutrients

Plants + Fungi

Each notebook has a different type of inside pages: (Lined, Graph, Dot Grid, and Blank), so pick the one that's right for today's field notes and you're ready for?your?next?adventure.

4"x 6"

16 sheets per notebook

college rule/5mm graph, 5mm Dot, Blank



100% recycled

soy- based ink