Artist's Everything Handbook: A New Guide To Drawing &...

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Author Wilson, Kate
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A practical and authoritative guide to the latest materials, hottest trends, and best techniques for creating stunning artwork,The Artist’s Handbookis packed with easy-to-follow tutorials, engaging artist profiles, and inspirational galleries.Unleash your creativity withThe Artist’s Handbook—a practical, essential handbook that will teach you every step of the artistic process. Unlike other project-oriented art guides,The Artist’s Handbookemphasizes technique, encompassing drawing and sketching as well as an extensive range of painting styles.Covering everything from pen and ink to oils and acrylics, specially commissioned illustrations accompany detailed step-by-step tutorials, while profiles of contemporary artists offer insight into a range of working methods, materials, and techniques. Helpful sidebars provide information about using digital tools such as Smart Pens, tablets, and apps to create and enhance artwork.Kate Wilson begins with a thorough exploration of the elements of drawing and painting. Each chapter includes an informative overview, followed by an exploration of the tools and materials relevant to the particular medium, and detailed instruction and guidance for using different techniques. She then introduces you to a range of approaches using four core subjects: the human body, the environment, still life, and non-figurative. She also highlights young, emerging artists from all corners of the globe, offering examples of how they are using methods and materials in innovative ways.If you want to put pen to paper or
ush to canvas, are looking to hone your skills, or want to know more about the elements of the artistic process,The Artist’s Handbookis the only guide you need.