Sacred Symbols: Coloring ... Mystical & Magical

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Item#: 9780062434258
Author Hess, Lydia
Cover Paperback
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Experience the Timeless Beauty and Mystical Power of Sacred SymbolsAcross millennia, sacred symbols—from the exquisite geometry of mandalas to the profound resonance of the spiral or the elegant simplicity of the heart—have given form to our sense of the divine mysteries that shape the universe. Bridging history, civilizations, and languages all over the world, the beautifully illustrated symbols ofSacred Symbolsinvite seekers of all ages into an immersive coloring experience, a journey through time, myth, dream, and vision. Facing the mystical images, wisdom-infused words invite readers to further color away stress and anxiety, and connect with an essence greater than themselves as they contemplate the universal wonder and power of these ageless emblems and icons of spiritual experience.

Short Description
A dazzlingly beautiful adult coloring book of mystical, magical symbols, packed with original art and evocative wisdom words—a creative and inspiring invitation to nourish our souls and reconnect with our spirit—part of the “Coloring Books for the Soul” series.Illustrated by renowned designer Lydia Hess,Sacred Symbols: Coloring Experiences for the Mystical and Magicalis designed to engage the senses, reduce stress, encourage relaxation, and deepen mindfulness. The sacred symbols that fill its pages are illustrated in Lydia’s unique scratchboard-montage style, which is a part-handcrafted, part-digital, multilayered technique that is truly dynamic and engrossing. Color away daily anxiety and nourish the soul as you lose yourself in her captivating images. The illustrations are enhanced with beautifully lettered wisdom words that can also be colored and embellished, deepening your engagement and adding allure to the experience.Beautifully packaged with a stunningly illustrated, vi
ant four-color cover by Lydia Hess, and filled with fifty fresh, modern illustrations that highlight the magical, mystical quality of sacred symbols—from mandalas to sacred geometry—suitable for framing,Sacred Symbolsis an irresistible treat for anyone looking to unwind, the perfect companion to any mindfulness practice, and a wonderful gift for the creative spirits in all of us, no matter our age.