Sure, I'll Be Your Black Friend: Notes From The Other...

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Item#: 9780063026445
Author Philippe, Ben
Cover Paperback

In the biting, hilarious vein ofWhat Doesn’t Kill You Makes You BlackerandWe Are Never Meeting in Real Lifecomes Ben Philippe’s candid memoir-in-essays, chronicling a lifetime of being the Black friend (see also: foreign kid, boyfriend, coworker, student, teacher, roommate, enemy) in predominantly white spaces.

In an era in which “I have many black friends” is often a medal of Wokeness, Ben hilariously chronicles the experience of being on the receiving end of those fist bumps. He takes us through his immigrant childhood, from wanting nothing more than friends to sit with at lunch, to his awkward teenage years, to college in the age of Obama, and adulthood in the Trump administration—two sides of the same American coin.