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Item#: 9780128161593
Edition 05
Author Paxinos & Franklin
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Paxinos and Franklin's The Mouse Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates, Compact Fifth Edition,is the compact version of the most widely used and cited atlas of the mouse
ain in print. It emulates in design and accuracy Paxinos and Watson'sThe Rat Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates, the most cited publication in neuroscience. The compact edition provides the coronal plates and diagrams of the full mouse atlas in a smaller, more convenient spiral format and at a student friendly price. High resolution digital photographs of the coronal plane of section from the full 5th edition complement the coronal drawings. Unique to the compact, it includes an introduction to the use of the atlas in stereotaxic surgery.<
>Contains 100 coronal diagrams that were fully revised for this new editionIncludes 100 coronal photographic plates produced from directly scanned, very high-resolution images of the biological sections (done at the Allen Institute)Provides a beginner's guide with 25 pages on conducting stereotaxic surgery and how to use the atlasPresents surface views of the
ain with labels over the major structuresUses the best ontology tree (nomenclature based on the development of the
ain) with universal applications across mammals

Table of Contents
1. Methods<
>2. Photography and drawings<
>3. Stereotaxic reference system<
>4. Nomenclature and the construction of ab
>5. The basis of delineation of structures<
>6. Neuromeric subdivisions of the mouse