Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By & Get Your Financial...

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Author Lowry, Erin
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>Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck and Get Your Financial Life Together (#GYFLT)!<
>If you're a cash-strapped 20- or 30-something, it's easy to get freaked out by finances. But you're not doomed to spend your life drowning in debt or mystified by money. It's time to stop scraping by and take control of your money and your life with this savvy and smart guide.<
>Broke Millennialshows step-by-step how to go from flat-
oke to financial badass. Unlike most personal finance books out there, it doesn't just cover boring stuff like credit card debt, investing, and dealing with the dreaded “B word (budgeting). Financial expert Erin Lowry goes beyond the basics to tackle tricky money matters and situations most of us face #IRL, including:<
>- Understanding your relationship with moolah: do you treat it like a Tinder date or marriage material?<
>- Managing student loans without having a full-on panic attack<
>- What to do when you're out with your crew and can't afford to split the bill evenly<
>- How to get “financially naked with your partner and find out his or her “number (debt number, of course) . . . and much more.<
>Packed with refreshingly simple advice and hilarious true stories,Broke Millennialis the essential roadmap every financially clueless millennial needs to become a money master. So what are you waiting for? Let's #GYFLT!