Who Do You Think You Are?: A Journal That's All About You

Item Information
Item#: 9780143130666
Author Gallagher, Siobhan
Cover Paperback

Explore the ways that your past has affected the person you've grown into in this fully illustrated journal.

You are who you are today because of a million tiny moments. It's hard to say which moments are responsible for your tendency to cancel plans, what initiated a weird habit, or why your go-to comfort food as a kid was a ketchup-and-mustard sandwich, but sometimes you only need to spend a little time reflecting in order to unearth these connections between past and present.

In this illustrated journal, artist Siobhan Gallagher will jog your memory and encourage self-reflection with fun and engaging prompts, such as:

  *  What is something (or someone) you can't believe you ever liked?
  *  In the museum of your life, what moment was so important that it would need to be represented by a life-sized diorama?
  *  If you could bottle up your childhood, what would it smell like? (Chocolate-scented markers? Grandma's house?)
  *  Draw and label all the things you've lost that you wish you'd found.

With plenty of room to write and reflect,Who Do You Think You Are?will help you examine your past to understand the unique and fascinating timeline that made you into the person you are today.