Making Things Right: The Simple Philosophy Of A Working Life

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Author Thorstensen, Ole
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A cele
ation of craftsmanship, teamwork, and the relationship between contractor and client.<
>"An enriching and poetic tribute to manual labour."—Karl Ove Knausgaard<
>Making Things Rightis the simple yet captivating story of a loft renovation, from the moment master carpenter and contractor Ole Thorstensen submits an estimate for the job to when the space is ready for occupation. As the project unfolds, we see the construction through Ole's eyes: the meticulous detail, the pesky splinters, the problem solving, patience, and teamwork required for its completion. Yet Ole's narrative encompasses more than just the fine mechanics of his craft. His labor and passion drive him toward deeper reflections on the nature of work, the academy versus the trades, identity, and life itself.<
>Rich with descriptions of carpentry and process,Making Things Rightis a warm and humorous portrayal of a tightknit working community, a story about the blood, sweat, and frustration involved in doing a job well and the joys in seeing a vision take shape.