Work, Industry, & Canadian Society

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Item#: 9780176724436
Edition 08
Author Krahn, Harvey J.
Cover Paperback
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Work, Industry, and Canadian Society provides a sociological introduction to the history, nature, organization, and management of work in Canada. The eighth edition expands and adds new coverage on the biggest work challenges faced now and in the future, such as Canada’s aging and increasingly diverse workforce, the work experiences of Canada’s Indigenous peoples, the rise of the app-based “gig” economy, and how technology will continue to impact future jobs and work organization. The new edition continues to incorporate recent empirical findings, review new and ongoing theoretical and policy debates, and provide a more international perspective. As the world of work continues to change rapidly, all trends and statistics have been updated. These authors are well regarded for their teaching and research, and their years of experience are evident in this comprehensive volume on the past, present, and future of work in Canada.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Historical Perspectives on Work Chapter 2: Contemporary Debates and Issues Chapter 3: Canadian Employment Trends Chapter 4: Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, No Jobs Chapter 5: Labour Markets: Opportunities and Inequality Chapter 6: Gender and Paid Employment Chapter 7: Household, Family, and Caring Work Chapter 8: Organizing and Managing Work Chapter 9: In Search of New Managerial Paradigms Chapter 10: Conflict and Control in the Workplace Chapter 11: Unions and Industrial Relations Chapter 12: Alternative Approaches to Organizing Work Chapter 13: Work Values and Work Orientations Chapter 14: Job Satisfaction, Alienation, and Work-Related Stress