Mayo Clinic Neurology Board Review: Basic Sciences...

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This comprehensive board review guide will aid in your preparation for the neurology board certification and recertification. With extensive neuroimaging, illustrations, and neuropathology included, Mayo Clinic Neurology Board Review eliminates the need for obtaining multiple resources to
study for the neurology board examination. High-yield information is emphasized to highlight key facts.

While this book is aimed at passing the neurology boards, it may also be useful to medical students and residents rotating through neurology or for the generalist with an interest in reviewing neurology.

For those recertifying for neurology, the dual volume book eliminates the need to wade through excess text with basic sciences. In addition, information on maintenance of certification helps those recertifying understand the complex requirements.

Table of Contents
Section I: Neuroscience and NeuroanatomyEduardo E. Benarroch:
1. Kelly D. Flemming: Cere
ovascular Anatomy and Pathophysiolog
2. Ruple S. Laughlin and Kelly D. Flemming: Meninges and Ventricles
3. Kelly D. Flemming and Eduardo E. Benarroch: Afferent System Overview
4. Eduardo E. Benarroch, James C. Watson and Kelly D. Flemming: Peripheral and Central Pain Pathways and Pathophysiology
5. Scott D. Eggers and Eduardo E. Benarroch: Special Somatic Sensory Afferent Overview
6. Jennifer A. Tracy: Peripheral Nerve, Neuromuscular Junction, and Muscle Anatomy
7. Jennifer A. Tracy: Spinal cord Anatomy
8. Kelly D. Flemming: Brainstem and Cranial Nerves: Overview and Medulla
9. Kelly D. Flemming and Paul W. Brazis: Brainstem and Cranial Nerves: The Pons
10. Kelly D. Flemming and Paul W. Brazis: Brainstem and Cranial Nerves: The Mid
11. Kelly D. Flemming and Paul W. Brazis: Brainstem and Cranial Nerves: Longitudinal Brainstem
12. Paul W. Brazis and Scott D. Eggers: Supranuclear Ocular Motor Systems
13. Kelly D. Flemming, Jacqueline A. Leavitt and Eduardo E. Benarroch: Cranial Nerves I and II
14. Kelly D. Flemming and Eduardo E. Benarroch: Thalamus
15. Elizabeth A.Coon and Eduardo E. Benarroch: Principles of Neuroendocrinology and Hypothalamic Function
16. Kelly D. Flemming and Eduardo E. Benarroch: The Limbic System
17. jonathan Graff-Radford, Alex J. Nelson and Eduardo E. Benarroch: Basal Ganglia
18. Jonathan Graff-Radford, Anhar Hassan and Eduardo E. Benarroch: Cerebellum
19. Jennifer A. Tracy, Eduardo E. Benarroch and Kelly D. Flemming: Autonomic Nervous System
20. Kelly D. Flemming: Cortex: Gross Anatomy
21. Richard J. Caselli and David T. Jones: Cortex Topography and Organization
22. David T. Jones: Cortical Circuitry, Networks, and Function
23. Richard J. Caselli: Focal Cognitive Syndromes
Questions and Answers
Section II: Cellular NeuroscienceEduardo E. Benarroch:
24. Nathan P. Staff: Cellular Signaling
25. Nathan P. Staff: Cellular Processes
26. Brian S. Katz and Eduardo E. Benarroch: Cell Injury and Death
Questions and Answers
Section III: NeuropharmacologyJeffrey W. Britton:
27. Amy Z. Crepeau and Jeffrey W. Britton: Neuropharmacology
Questions and Answers
Section IV: Sleep PathophysiologyPablo R. Castillo:
28. Michael F. Presti: Sleep Pathophysiology
Questions and Answers
29. Ralitza H. Gavrilova and Virginia V. Michels: Patterns of Inheritance in Neurogenetic Disease
30. Ralitza H. Gavrilova and Virginia V. Michels: Chromosomal Syndromes
Questions and Answers
Section VI: NeurodiagnosticsRuple S. Laughlin:
31. David B. Burkholder and Jeffrey W. Britton: Electroencephalography
32. Brian A. Crum: Nerve Conduction Studies and Needle Electromyography
33. Ruple S. Laughlin: Cere
ospinal Fluid
34. James C. Watson: Evoked Potentials
35. David F. Black: Neuroimaging
Questions and Answers
Section VII: PsychiatryKemuel L. Phil
36. Mary M. Machulda: Principles of Psychiatry and Psychology
37. Maria I. Lapid and Mark W. Olsen: Psychological Development Through the Life Cycle
38. Simon Kung: Mood Disorders
39. Michael M. Reese: Anxiety Disorders
40. Keith G. Rasmussen: Psychotic Disorders
41. Brian A. Palmer: Personality and Illness
42. Kari A. Martin: Miscellaneous Psychiatric Disorders
43. Jyoti Bhagia: Psychiatric Disorders Associated With Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence
44. Tamara J. Dolenc: Substance Use Disorders
45. Osama A. Abulseoud: Pharmacologic Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders
46. Jarrod M. Leffler: Nonpharmacologic Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders
Questions and Answers