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Whereas most book about the neurologic examination are disease and anatomy oriented, The Neurologic Examination: Scientific Basis for Clinical Diagnosis focuses on a pathophysiological approach to the nervous system. The authors emphasize that the scientific interpretation of symptoms obtained
from carefully taking the patient's history and noting signs found during physical examination are essential in the diagnosis of neurologic diseases, even if laboratory testing, such as electrophysiology and neuroimaging, are more widely used. This book aims to provide a
idge from the basic
sciences such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and molecular biology to the neurologic symptoms. Neurologic examinations provide the foundation for diagnosis, and only after a thorough and expertly executed examination can one begin to incorporate laboratory testing and treatment.

The Neurologic Examination: Scientific Basis for Clinical Diagnosis, based on the widely successful Japanese book Diagnosis of Neurological Diseases (Igakushoin, Japan, second edition 2013) by Dr. Shibasaki, hopes to revitalize the use of neurologic examinations before jumping into laboratory
testing. Doing so can help cut down on time, patient and physician anxiety, and unnecessary testing expenses. This book is a must-read for all practicing neurologists, residents, and medical students.

Review Quotes
\"This is an outstanding book on neurological examination with emphasis on its functional aspects. It is a must have book for neurology residents and neurophysiology fellows written by world-renowned authorities in clinical neurology and movement disorders. The book includes 150 figures and 99
boxes which illustrate topics of current interest in clinical neurology and should greatly facilitate learning the \"art\" of the neurological examination.\"

--Hans Luders, MD, PhD Professor of Neurology, Case Medical Center, University Hospitals, Cleveland, Ohio

"The distinguished senior neurologists, Hiroshi Shibasaki and Mark Hallett, have produced a tour de force of the neurological method. Progressing from the anatomic diagnosis to the etiological diagnosis and finally to the clinical diagnosis, this book re-articulates an age old and battle
tested method of performing the art of clinical neurology. It is particularly refreshing to see that laboratory testing is relegated to its proper location; the end of the clinical method. Those who use this book will carry the evolutionary process forward to the next generation, properly armed with
the wisdom of the classical neurological method."

--Martin A. Samuels, MD, DSc(hon), FAAN, MACP, FRCP, FANA, Chair, Department of Neurology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Miriam Sydney Joseph Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA