Public Health Crisis Survival Guide

Item Information
Item#: 9780190697211
Edition 01
Author Sharfstein, Joshua M
Cover Paperback

Firefighters are taught to battle flames. Police learn to respond quickly to 911 calls. So why are so few health officials prepared for public health crises? The Public Health Crisis Survival Guide is here to help. Whether it's an infectious disease outbreak, a scathing news report, or a sudden budget calamity, this book gives public health readers an honest and practical overview of what to do when things go wrong - not just to survive, but to lead and thrive in the most difficult circumstances. With examples drawn from history, recent headlines, and the author's own experience at the local, state, and federal levels, this book covers: * how to recognize, manage, and communicate in a crisis * how to pivot from managing a crisis to advocating for long-term policy change that can prevent the crisis from happening again * how to awaken a sense of crisis on a longstanding problem to generate momentum for change * taboo topics, including whether and how to apologize for mistakes Written by a voice of experience, practicality, and good humor, The Public Health Crisis Survival Guide will be a source of enrichment and reassurance for the next generation of public health students and practitioners.