Writing English: The Canadian Handbook

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Item#: 9780195446586
Author Messenger Et Al
Cover Paperback

Crafting a piece of writing, for any variety of rhetorical purposes, requires a fundamental understanding of English. Offering unparalleled guidance to the intricacies of the language, Writing English: The Canadian Handbook is an essential tool for writers, students, business people, and anyone who works with the written word in Canada. In a single volume, this guidebook explains basic rules of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style; how to write comprehensive sentences and organize paragraphs; how to document your work and avoid plagiarism; and much more. The first chapters offer a detailed overview of the conventions of language and parts of speech, giving readers a strong foundation on which to build. Particularly useful is a section devoted to persuasive writing, including advice on developing an argument and using logical reasoning. Filled with numerous Canadian examples to illuminate and clarify, Writing English: The Canadian Handbook is the ultimate authority on Canadian English from the country's reference publisher.

Table of Contents
Preface 1. Understanding Sentences 2. Parts of Speech 3. Writing Strong Sentences 4. Punctuation 5. Mechanics and Spelling 6. Diction 7. Principles of Composition 8. Research and Writing Appendix A: Reference Sources Index

Review Quotes
\"While comprehensive, Writing English provides advice for a wide array of writers that is flexible and alert to context.\" --Margery Fee, author of the Guide to Canadian English Usage