Oxford Handbook Of Critical Care Nursing

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Edition 02
Author Baid Et Al (Eds)
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The second edition of the Oxford Handbook of Critical Care Nursing has been fully revised to reflect a more systematic approach to care delivery and to follow the patient pathway. Focused on the practical issues of nursing care and nursing procedures, this handbook has been written by nurses,
for nurses.

Reflecting current best practice, the Oxford Handbook of Critical Care Nursing is an easily accessible and evidence-based guide for all levels of nursing staff working in critical care environments. It provides the nurse at the bedside with the answers to day-to-day problems experienced when caring
for critically ill patients, and is also a guide to some of the less commonly encountered issues. The new edition of this handbook will continue to help support novice and experienced staff in critical care environments.

Now including more detail on the psychological issues facing critically ill patients, and more information on the intricacies of receiving a critically ill patient and transferring from a critical care environment, this handbook is a concise, practical, and comprehensive resource.

Table of Contents
1. Prevention of admission / admission to critical care
2. Systematic assessment
3. Generic care of the critically ill patient
4. Respiratory
5. Respiratory support
6. Cardiovascular
7. Cardiovascular support
8. Neurological care
9. Renal
10. Gastrointestinal
11. Sepsis
12. Metabolic disorders
13. Immunology
14. Haematology
15. Managing emergencies
16. Obstetric emergencies
17. Poisoning
18. Trauma
19. End of life
20. Transfer of the critical care patient
21. Rehabilitation and discharge

Review Quotes
Review from previous edition: \"This is the only book of its kind and at least one copy should be available on each intensive care unit.\"

--Nursing Standard May 2010