Tropical Medicine Notebook

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Item#: 9780198737773
Edition 01
Author Matthews, Philippa
Cover Paperback

The Tropical Medicine Notebook is a new concept in providing a concise overview of the key topics in tropical medicine, using short notes, diagrams, maps, and tables to present the material in an accessible, engaging, memorable, and interesting way. The format is generally a page per topic, with division of each page into subsections by boxes to make it easy to find the relevant information. Cross-referencing is provided to allow quick linking between relevant sections of the book. Providing the key information in bite-size chunks, the Tropical Medicine Notebook is a useful companion to more comprehensive texts. Divided into eight sections; the first five cover infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and helminths, followed by a further three which present the topics of vector biology, disease syndromes and envenomation. Where relevant, the section is prefaced by a classification system to provide a logical overview, helping with assimilation of information and highlighting important relationships between organisms. It is an ideal learning and revision guide for students or trainees in infection, microbiology, and tropical medicine, as well as being a useful reference resource for healthcare and laboratory staff across the wide range of disciplines to which infection may present.

Table of Contents
Section 1: Bacterial infections of relevance to the tropics 1. Summary of medically important bacteria 2. Infections caused by Gram positive bacteria 3. Infections caused by Gram negative bacteria 4. Infections caused by Spirochaetes 5. Infections caused by Mycobacteria 6. Infections caused by obligate intracellular bacteria Section 2: Viral infections of relevance to the tropics 7. Summary of medically important viruses 8. Infections caused by DNA viruses 9. Infections caused by RNA viruses Section 3: Fungal infections of relevance to the tropics 10. Summary of fungal infections 11. Fungal infections Section 4: Helminth infections of relevance to the tropics 12. Trematodes (flukes) 13. Cestodes (tapeworms) 14. Nematodes (roundworms) Section 5: Protozoal infections of relevance to the tropics 15. Systemic protozoal infection 16. Protozoal infection of the gut Section 6: Vectors and ectoparasites 17. Vectors Section 7: Disease syndromes occurring in the tropics 18. Infections classified by organ system Section 8: Envenomation 19. Snake bite 20. Other bites and stings