Stroke Medicine

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Item#: 9780198737889
Edition 02
Author Markus Et Al
Cover Paperback
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The second edition of Stroke Medicine incorporates considerable advances in the treatment of stroke that have occurred since the first edition published. This provides an up-to-date and easily accessible source of information on all aspects of stroke care, from acute care through to
rehabilitation and secondary prevention. The new edition includes some additional updates on cardiac investigation of stroke, due to novel methods for detecting atrial fi
illation, and new trial data has been added to the chapter on Treatment of Stroke. The book includes numerous illustrations and
tables presenting information in an easy-to-follow way and is designed to be used by the practising physician as a practical handbook of stroke care.

Table of Contents
1. Epidemiology and stroke risk factors
2. Neuroanatomy
3. Vascular anatomy and stroke syndromes
4. History-taking in the stroke patient
5. Examination
6. Investigation of the stroke patient
7. Imaging in stroke
8. Ischaemic stroke-common causes
9. Acute stroke treatment
10. Secondary prevention of stroke
11. Unusual causes of stroke and their treatment
12. Cere
al venous thrombosis
13. Cere
al haemorrhage
14. Recovery and rehabilitation
15. Vascular dementia
16. Organization of stroke services
17. Ethical issues in stroke care
Useful stroke scales
Useful websites