Paediatric Dentistry

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Edition 05
Author Welbury Et Al
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This new edition of Paediatric Dentistry is a trustworthy guide to the essentials of paediatric dentistry for both students and practitioners alike.

Written in a user-friendly style, this textbook contains over 18 fully up-to-date and comprehensive chapters. All content has been carefully structured to ensure the reader is provided with both key theoretical and practical information on paediatric dental care. Chapter content ranges from dental
trauma and child safeguarding through to prevention and restorative treatments, in addition to further content on oral surgery and paediatric oral medicine. Each chapter is complemented by the use of key point boxes, full colour illustrations, and photographs to enhance the understanding clinical
technique. With recommended further reading and extensive key references, this core text also encourages students to critically analyse and evaluate evidence.

Edited by a team of experts in the field, this is an excellent introduction to the field of paediatric dentistry for both undergraduate and post-graduate students as well as a key source of reference for practising clinicians.

Table of Contents
1. Toby Gillgrass and Richard Welbury: Craniofacial growth and development
2. Barbara Chadwick and Anthony Blinkhorn: Introduction to dental surgery
3. Helen Rodd and Fiona Gilchrist: Risk assessment
4. Jenny Harris and Richard Welbury: Safeguarding
5. Marie Therese Hosey, Liege Lourenco-Matharu and Graham Roberts: Pain and anxiety
6. Guy Jackson and John Meechan: Local anaesthesia
7. Chris Deery and Jack Toumba: Diagnosis and prevention
8. Stephen Fayle and Pathanjali Kandiah: Caries in pre-school child
9. Monty Duggal and Peter Day: Operative treatment of dental caries in primary
10. Jackie Smallridge and Sondos Albadri: Operative treatment of dental caries in young permanent
11. Nicky Kilpatrick and Lucy Bur
idge: Advanced restorative dentistry
12. Peter Heasman and Paula Waterhouse: Periodontal disease in children
13. Richard Welbury, Monty Duggal, John Whitworth and Simon Stone: Traumatic injuries to the teeth
14. Susan Parekh, Kathryn Harley, and Agnes Bloch-Zupan: Anomalies of tooth formation and eruption
15. Toby Gillgrass and Alex Keightley: The paedontic/orthodontic interface
16. Alexander Crighton and John Meechan: Oral pathology and oral surgery
17. Marie Therese Hosey and Richard Welbury: Medical disability
18. June Nunn and Graeme Wright: Childhood impairment and disability