Behavioral Addictions: Dsm-Rg & Beyond

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Author Petry, Nancy M (Ed)
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This book explains the rationale for changes in the DSM-5RG related to incorporating behavioral addictions alongside substance use disorders; it also illuminates the significance of including the construct of behavioral addictions in this widely used psychiatric diagnostic manual. The chapters
herien describe eight behaviors often considered addictions, including gambling disorder, internet gaming disorder, internet addiction, food addiction, hypersexuality, shopping addiction, exercise addiction, and tanning addiction. Also examined are prevalence rates in epidemiological samples, risk
factors, and promising treatment approaches. The result is an easy-to-use resource and guide for clinicians, students, and researchers.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Behavioral Addictions
2. Gambling Disorder: The First Officially Recognized Behavioral Addiction
3. Internet Gaming Disorder: A New Behavioral Addiction
4. Internet Addiction: A Future Addictive Disorder?
5. Hypersexual Disorder
6. Compulsive Shopping as a Behavioral Addiction
7. Exercise Addiction: Diagnosis, Psycho-biological Mechanisms and Treatment
8. Food Addiction
9. Addicted to UV: Evidence for Tanning Addiction
10. Conclusions and Future Directions to Advance the Science and Clinical Care of Behavioral Addictions