Handbook Of Oral Diseases For Medical Practice

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Item#: 9780199468195
Edition 01
Author Prabhu, S R
Cover Paperback

The Handbook of Oral Diseases for Medical Practice, part of the Oxford Clinical Practice Series, is a comprehensive handbook for medical students, medical practitioners and other healthcare providers. The handbook has contributions from several international experts and adopts symptom- and disease-oriented approaches. It covers a wide range of topics, such as orofacial pain syndromes, common tooth- and gum-related diseases, oral mucosal white patches, blisters, ulcers, wart-like lesions and soft tissue lumps and swellings, dental trauma, oral soft and hard tissue infections, jaw cysts, tumours and tumour-like lesions, oral health in pregnancy, oral manifestations of systemic diseases including HIV/AIDS, dental sleep medicine and potentially malignant and life-threatening malignant oral lesions. The book is supplemented with more than 150 clinical images. It is designed in a bulleted format for a quick and easy reference, and each clinical condition is organised into definition, cause, clinical features, diagnoses and management.

Table of Contents
Foreword Preface Acknowledgements Editor and Contributors Abbreviations Part I. Basic diagnostic approaches 1. S.R. Prabhu: Examination of the mouth and the teeth 2. S.R. Prabhu: Diagnostic approaches to common oral and dental symptoms 3. S.R. Prabhu: Anatomical variants and normal structures often mistaken as pathological lesions Part II. Presenting complaints related to the teeth, jaws and temporomandibular joint 4. S.R. Prabhu: Orofacial pain of dental origin 5. S.R. Prabhu: Orofacial pain of nondental origin 6. S.R. Prabhu: Dental caries 7. S.R. Prabhu: Abnormal tooth wear 8. S.R. Prabhu: Developmentally missing teeth 9. S.R. Prabhu: Extra number of teeth 10. S.R. Prabhu: Alterations in the size and shape of teeth 11. S.R. Prabhu: Alterations in the structure of teeth 12. S.R. Prabhu: Delay and failure of tooth eruption 13. S.R. Prabhu: Tooth impactions 14. S.R. Prabhu: Tooth discolourations 15. S.R. Prabhu: Abnormal mobility of the permanent teeth 16. S.R. Prabhu: Malocclusion and crowding of teeth 17. S.R. Prabhu and H. Al Bayaty: Orofacial infections of dental origin 18. S.R. Prabhu: Temporomandibular joint disorders Part III. Presenting complaints related to the gums, oral mucosa and oral environment 19. S.R. Prabhu and D. F. Wilson: Gingival and oral soft tissue lumps and swellings 20. S.R. Prabhu: Gingival, oral and postextraction bleeding 21. S.R. Prabhu and D. H. Felix: Mucosal white lesions 22. S.R. Prabhu and D. H. Felix: Mucosal blisters, erosions and ulcers 23. S.R. Prabhu: Mucosal red lesions 24. S.R. Prabhu: Mucosal pigmented lesions 25. S.R. Prabhu: Mucosal warts and wart-like lesions 26. N. Narayana: Oral malodour 27. S.R. Prabhu and N. Narayana: Dry mouth and taste disturbances 28. S.R. Prabhu and N. Narayana: Oral mucosal burning and burning mouth syndrome 29. S.R. Prabhu: Facial palsy and facial sensory loss Part IV. Topics of special relevance 30. P. V. Abbott: Oral and dental trauma 31. L. Samaranayake, N. Bandara and S. R. Prabhu: Oral mucosal infections 32. S. R. Prabhu and D. F. Wilson: Cysts, tumours and tumour-like growths of the jaws 33. S. R. Prabhu: Oral manifestations of systemic diseases 34. S. R. Prabhu: Drug-induced oral adverse reactions, including medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw 35. S. C. Yeoh: Oral health in pregnancy 36. R. Balasubramaniam: Dental sleep medicine: Sleep bruxism and oral appliance therapy for snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea 37. J. Hill and S. R. Prabhu: Oral lesions in HIV infection 38. S. Warnakulasuriya: Oral potentially malignant disorders I: Leucoplakia and erythroplakia 39. K. Thongprasom , V. G. A. Suter and S. Warnakulasuriya: Oral potentially malignant disorders II: Oral lichen planus, oral lichenoid lesions, oral graft-versus-host disease and oral submucous fibrosis 40. N. Johnson: Oral carcinoma and other malignant lesions of the mouth and jaw 41. S. R. Prabhu: Oral complications of cancer therapy Index