Oxford Desk Reference: Toxicology

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Item#: 9780199594740
Edition 01
Author Bateman Et Al (Eds)
Cover Hardback

Overdose and poisoning are one of the most frequent acute medical presentations seen in emergency departments, and high dependency and intensive care facilities. The Oxford Desk Reference: Toxicology provides an authoritative guide for the management of patients with poisoning. Each chapter includes key clinical features and potential treatment options to help physicians to assess the potential severity of the poisoned patient and provide the optimum clinical care. A reader-friendly layout ensures that information is easy to find and assimilate, and topics are self-contained to aid quick diagnosis. Presented in an easy-to-use double-page spread format, highly bulleted and concise, the Oxford Desk Reference: Toxicology is ideal for quick referral when an acute problem arises. Contributions from the leading figures in toxicology make this book indispensable for all those involved with the management of poisoned patients, especially trainees and consultants working in emergency medicine, acute medicine, and critical care.

Table of Contents
1. Scientific principles in clinical toxicology 2. General management of the poisoned patient 3. Common complications of poisoning 4. Drugs acting on the central nervous system 5. Analgesics 6. Cardiovascular acting agents 7. Other common pharmaceutical toxins 8. Drugs of abuse 9. Common chemical poisonings 10. Poisoning due to heavy metals and their salts 11. Household products 12. Pesticides, herbicides, and rodenticides 13. Poisoning due to plants and animals 14. Chemical warfare agents 15. Principles of radiation toxicology 16. Occupational and industrial aspects of toxicology assessment