Oxford Handbook Of Tropical Medicine

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Item#: 9780199692569
Edition 04
Author Davidson Et Al (Eds)
Cover Paperback

The Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine, fourth edition is the definitive resource for medical problems in tropical regions, and in low-resource settings. Comprehensive in scope, and concise in style, this portable guide ensures that you always have the vital information you need at your fingertips. Fully revised and updated for its fourth edition, it includes brand new chapters on humanitarian crises, poisoning and envenoming, nosocomial infections, and antibiotic resistance. The paediatric illness sections have been expanded, and website links have been fully updated and extended. With the clear, easy-reference style of the trusted Oxford Handbook format, written and reviewed by an international team of clinical experts, this is a truly global handbook and an essential resource. Make sure you never leave home without it!

Table of Contents
1. Management of the sick child 2. Malaria 3. HIV/AIDS 4. Tuberculosis 5. Chest medicine 6. Diarrhoeal diseases 7. Gastroenterology 8. Cardiovascular Medicine 9. Renal medicine 10. Neurology 11. Haematology 12. Endocrinology and biochemistry 13. Ophthalmology 14. Dermatology 15. Bone, joint, and soft tissue infections 16. Sexually transmitted infections 17. Nutrition 18. Multi-system diseases and infections 19. Mental health 20. Trauma 21. Poisoning and envenoming 22. Immunisation 23. Health Emergencies in Humanitarian Crises 24. Obstetrics and Gynaecology - emergencies 25. Nosocomial infection, Antibiotic prescribing and resistance

Review Quotes
Review from previous edition: \"The handbook delivers the facts to your fingertips... if I had 425g of luggage allowance to spare I would throw it in my rucksack!\" --S B Welby in Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology

\"A strong point of the handbook is its range of practical protocols developed by the WHO. These allow a structured approach to patient care and can be adapted to national policies and local conditions, used for easy reference, and disseminated appropriately.\" --John Hartley, University College London Hospital

\"This is an invaluable resource... this book will answer all of your questions about tropical medicine in a concise manner and suggest a plain and easy to follow treatment plan.\" --Reviewer on Amazon

\"... is an excellent resource for those working in low-resource circumstances. ... it attempts to provide common sense, rational and relevant information and advice (...)for those working within the tropics and in resource-poor settings, it is unique, practical and excellent resource and can be thoroughly recommended.\" --Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 2005

\"The pocket sized format, with robust plasticized cover ensuring its portability and durability, combined with concise yet highly informative coverage of a vast number of topics will ensure the continued success of the second edition of this popular handbook... I have no reservations in recommending the second edition of the OHTM to both students and practitioners of tropical medicine. Whether working in the tropics or in resource-rich settings, this handbook will certainly prove its worth.\" --Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 2005

"This is a well-written, reasonably comprehensive handbook of clinical tropical medicine that will be very useful for the practitioner in an isolated setting." --Doody's Journal May 2005

\"...a practical, well-written, pocket-sized handbook for practitioners or medical students of tropical medicien working in an area of limited resources...based on current WHO guidelines...[it] will be useful for practitioners in isolated settings.\" --Winnie Ooi, MD, Harvard Med School

\"...this is a gem of a handbook.\" --Mad Mag 2007