Oxford Mini Dictionary & Thesaurus

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Item#: 9780199692637
Edition 02R
Author Oxford
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This is the reissued Oxford Mini Dictionary and Thesaurus. - now in an attractive new format.

This small dictionary and thesaurus offers the most accurate and up-to-date coverage of essential, everyday vocabulary with over 40,000 words, phrases, and definitions and 65,000 synonyms and antonyms based on evidence from the Oxford English Corpus, a unique databank comprising hundreds of millions
of words of English. Definitions are easy to understand, given in a clear, simple style, and avoiding technical language. Thesaurus entries are integrated into the dictionary entries, so you can find synonyms and antonyms easily. The centre section provides extra help with spelling, grammar, and

Table of Contents
Guide to the dictionary and thesaurus
A-Z Dictionary and Thesaurus
Quick-reference grammar guide
Commonly confused pairs of words
Frequently misspelled words
British and North American equivalents
Collective names for animals
Animals' homes
Male and female animals
Young animals