Soames' & Southam's Oral Pathology

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Edition 05
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A sound understanding of clinical oral pathology is essential if a dental clinician is to navigate successfully through clinical guidelines, make timely referrals to specialists, and provide good care for patients. This new edition of Soames' and Southam's Oral Pathology provides a clear and
friendly guide for students, practitioners, and the whole dental team.

Thoroughly updated for today's clinical practice, this textbook covers "must-know" oral pathology and integrates key aspects of oral medicine. It begins by explaining the principles of clinical assessment, the synthesis of a differential diagnosis, and the selection of further investigations
including laboratory tests. Ten chapters
ing this theory to life by looking at the clinical and pathological features of a wide range of common oral diseases including oral cancer, salivary gland disorders, and diseases of the jaws. Two new chapters address skin diseases affecting the oro-facial
region and neck lumps. A final chapter highlights the importance of clinical oral pathology in the context of systemic human disease.

New radiology content includes examples of cross-sectional imaging. Photomicrographs have been replaced with carefully selected images to illustrate key pathological features. Each chapter includes key points boxes and tables to aid learning.

Written by experts in both oral pathology and oral medicine, this new edition is a must-have for dentistry students, and those working in the field, providing current and trustworthy information.

Table of Contents
1. Diagnosis of oral disease
2. Diseases of the oral mucosa
3. Oral cancer
4. Salivary gland diseases
5. Diseases of the teeth and supporting structures
6. Jaw cysts and odontogenic tumours
7. Disorders of bone
8. Skin diseases affecting the oro-facial region
9. Neck lumps
10. Oral manifestations of systemic disease