Identifying Neuroemergencies

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Core Principles of Acute Neurology is a series of short volumes that handles major topics not found in sufficient detail elsewhere and provides useful context. Identifying Neuroemergencies provides practical information on how to best manage and triage patients in the first hour of admission
in the Emergency Department. Physicians consider a neurologic emergency when the patient has clearly worsened and their neurologic signs have changed. Correct decisions are imperative: any type of neurocritical illness demands immediate treatment in the emergency department. Neurologist can assist
further with the successful triage of the neurologic emergency and this volume in the Core Principles of Acute Neurology will serve as a handy, concise, reference to both the neurologist and the emergency physician.

Table of Contents
Introduction to the Series
1. Defining Neuroemergencies
2. The Unresponsive Patient
3. Major Warning Signs: Headache, Vertigo, Syncope
4. Treating Acute Neurologic Pain Syndromes
5. Treating Movement Disorder Emergencies
6. Triaging Seizures and Spells
7. Triaging Traumatic Head and Spine Injury
8. Triaging Acute Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke
9. Triaging Acute Neuroinfections
10. Troubleshooting: Errors and Misjudgments