Beyond Consent: Seeking Justice In Research

Item Information
Item#: 9780199990689
Edition 02
Author Kahn Et Al (Eds)
Cover Paperback

Since the publication of the first edition of Beyond Consent, issues of justice remain critical in discussions, debates, and policy making in biomedical research in involving human subjects. The second edition adds new content in two different ways, first by asking authors to examine the issues identified in the first edition by asking what has changed and what new issues arise in the contemporary environment, and second by adding chapters to take on issues that are salient today and looking forward. The result is a new treatment of the issues of justice in research through fresh perspectives and by examining the latest issues. The editors have assembled a group of leading scholars and researchers as contributors, and author the final chapter themselves. This collection is a vital resource for students and scholars of bioethics, medicine, and public health policy; as well as for members of institutional review boards (IRBs), research administrators, and policy makers.