Student's Guide To Law School

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Author Ayers, Andrew B
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Law school can be a joyous, soul-transforming challenge that leads to a rewarding career. It can also be an exhausting, self-limiting trap. It all depends on making smart decisions. When every advantage counts,A Student's Guide to Law School is like having a personal mentor available at every turn.As a recent graduate and an appellate lawyer, Andrew Ayers knows how high the stakes are—he's been there, and not only did he survive the experience, he graduated first in his class. InA Student's Guide to Law Schoolhe shares invaluable insight on what it takes to make a successful law school journey. Originating in notes Ayers jotted down while commuting to his first clerkship with then-Judge Sonia Sotomayor, and refined throughout his first years as a lawyer,A Student's Guide to Law Schooloffers a unique balance of insider's knowledge and professional advice.Organized in four parts, the first part looks at tests and grades, explaining what's expected and exploring the seven choices students must make on exam day. The second part discusses the skills needed to be a successful law student, giving the reader easy-to-use tools to analyze legal materials and construct clear arguments.The third part contains advice on how to use studying, class work, and note-taking to find your best path. Finally, Ayers closes with a look beyond the classroom, showing students how the choices they make in law school will affect their career—and even determine the kind of lawyer they become.The first law school guide written by a recent top-ranked graduate,A Student's Guide to Law Schoolis relentlessly practical and thoroughly relevant to the law school experience of today's students. With the tools and advice Ayers shares here, students can make the most of their investment in law school, and turn their valuable learning experiences into a meaningful career.

Table of Contents
IntroductionPart I: The Way You’re Judged1. What Exams Want2. Seven Choices You’ll Make on Exam Day3. What You’ll Need by Exam DayPart II: The Skills You’ll Need4. Distilling the Law5. Issue Spotting6. ArgumentPart III: The Work You’ll Do7. Reading8. Speaking in Class9. Listening in Class10. Notes and Outlines11. Ten Ways to Use a Study Group12. Beyond Traditional ClassesPart IV: The Lawyer You’ll Become13. Judgment Calls14. What Lawyers Do15. The Hats Lawyers Wear16. The Person under the HatConclusion: The Questions You’ll AskAcknowledgmentsSuggestions for Further ReadingAbout the AuthorSources for EpigraphsNotesIndex