How To Lie With Maps, 3rd Ed

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Author Monmonier, Mark
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An instant classic when first published in 1991, How to Lie with Mapsrevealed how the choices mapmakers make—consciously or unconsciously—mean that every map inevitably presents only one of many possible stories about the places it depicts. The principles Mark Monmonier outlined back then remain true today, despite significant technological changes in the making and use of maps. The introduction and spread of digital maps and mapping software, however, have added new wrinkles to the ever-evolving landscape of modern mapmaking.?Fully updated for the digital age, this new edition ofHow to Lie with Mapsexamines the myriad ways that technology offers new opportunities for cartographic mischief, deception, and propaganda. While retaining the same
evity, range, and humor as its predecessors, this third edition includes significant updates throughout as well as new chapters on image maps, prohibitive cartography, and online maps. It also includes an expanded section of color images and an updated list of sources for further reading.

Table of Contents
Preface to the Third Edition1. Introduction2. Elements of the Map3. Map Generalization: Little White Lies and Lots of Them4. Blunders That Mislead5. Color: Attraction and Distraction6. Maps That Advertise7. Development Maps (Or, How to Seduce the Town Board)8. Maps for Political Propaganda9. Maps, Defense, and Disinformation: Fool Thine Enemy10. Large-Scale Mapping, Culture, and the National Interest11. Data Maps: A Thicket of Thorny Choices12. Image Maps: Picture That13. Prohibitive Cartography: Maps That Say “No!14. Fast Maps: Animated, Interactive, or Mobile15. EpilogueAcknowledgmentsAppendix: Latitude and LongitudeSelected Readings for Further ExplorationSources of IllustrationsIndex