Menopause: No Need To Panic

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Item#: 9780228103219
Author Bagot, Odile
Cover Paperback

Every woman wonders what will happen to her body when her periods end and she begins to experience the swings in hormones, the loss of both muscle and bone mass and, of course, the inevitable hot flashes.

Menopause, a necessary part of a woman's life, is a much less daunting experience than it was in the past. Today, it is possible to combat the physical and hormonal inconveniences through both conventional and alternative medicine.

In Menopause: No Need to Panic, author Dr. Odile Bagot, a gynecologist in her 60s, gives women all the information they need to calmly and successfully get through this complicated period in their lives. She explains with equal parts kindness, humor and medical authority the changes that are taking place and what can be done to regain control of your health, your energy and your good mood.

Contents include: Menopause, What Is It?: Age, diagnosis, symptoms Perimenopause: Lack of estrogen and progesterone; Hormonal ups and downs; Contraception and fertility Menopause: Hot flashes; Hormone and non-hormonal treatments; Sleep and mood disorders Love and sex: Sexual desire and pleasure; Male sexual desire after 50 Bodily Changes: Body shape and weight; Bones and joints; Heart and skin Hormonal treatment: Current controversies; Practical remedies; 10 commandments for postmenopausal women.

Review Quotes
This straightforward, illustrated guide covers all the basics about menopause and various options for reducing its impact. Women will find it a wide-ranging discussion that provides all the necessary information for women to navigate this stage of their lives, helping them make informed decisions about changes and how to preserve good health and attitude through them.

lnfographics and simple illustrations complement the light narrative style OB-GYN Bagot uses to demystify the changes wrought by menopause. Addressing perimenopause, hot flashes, hormonal changes, weight gain, sleep problems, and more, Bagot explains causes and suggests ways to cope, from physical activity to herbal relief to prescription options... The book's straightforward, supportive tone and unintimidating size will appeal to those seeking introductory information on menopause.