Gandhi: The Years That Changed The World 1914-1948

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Author Guha, Ramachandra
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An epic and revelatory biography of one of the most abidingly influential--and controversial--men in modern history.<
>Opening with Gandhi's triumphant return to India in 1915 after decades a
oad, and ending with his tragic assassination in 1949,Gandhi: The Years that Changed the Worldis a remarkable, moving portrait that provides a crucial re-evaluation of India's iconic leader for a new generation.<
>    Drawing on a wealth of newly uncovered materials unavailable to previous biographers, acclaimed historian and author Ramachandra Guha
ings the past to life with extraordinary grace and clarity. Deploying his gifts as a storyteller and scholar, Guha presents Gandhi as both a fascinating human being--a man of fierce hope, eccentric personal beliefs, and sometimes dark and alarming contradictions--as well as a dynamic political force and global icon.<
>    Sharp, insightful, balanced, and impeccably researched, this free-standing sequel to Guha's magisterial biographyGandhi Before Indiais an indispensable resource for a contemporary understanding of Gandhi's ever-evolving legacy.