Design Fundamentals: Notes On Color Theory

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Miss Color Theory class, again? That’s OK. You can borrow our notes.   Lucky for you, we didn’t miss a single class the entire semester so you’ll find all of the important points explained in the notes, along with the class assignments.   Sorry if you can’t read the handwriting sometimes, but there was a lot to cover. We went over all of the basics–how light works, ROYGBIV, RGB, CMYK, color wheels, how to choose colors and compose with colors, all of that stuff.   If it helps, we tried to include a lot of drawings because that’s how we remember things best.   Oh hey, to learn more, just go to the class website at  or check out the “Notes on Color” pinner on Pinterest. The instructor put extra projects and exercises on the site, a bunch of cool links, recommended reading, that sort of thing.   Good luck! See you in Visual Elements and Principles of Composition class next semester.  

Table of Contents
Section 1: <
>1. Light, Energy, & Color<
>2. Human Eyes See Color<
>3. Illuminating Colors<
> <
> Section 2: <
>Systems & Vocabulary<
>4. Color Names & Classifications<
>5. Color Theories<
>6. Artful Inspirations<
> <
> Section 3: <
>Designing with Color in Mind<
>7. Interactions of Color<
>8. Composing with Colors<
>9. Cultural and Emotional Connections<