Manual Of Critical Care Nursing: Nursing Interventions...

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Edition 07
Author Baird, Marianne Saunorus
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The compact, yet comprehensive,Manual of Critical Care Nursing: Nursing Interventions and Collaborative Management, 7th Edition is your students'a go-to reference forto help you provide safe, high-quality nursing care in the clinicalcritical care settings. Written in an ab
eviated outline format, this easy-to-use Manual presents essential information on more than 75 disorders and conditions, as well as concepts relevant to caring for all critically ill patients and functioning in the critical care environment. Award-winning clinical nurse specialist Marianne Baird separates the content first by body system and then by disorder, with each disorder including a
ief description of pathophysiology, assessment, diagnostic testing, collaborative management, nursing diagnoses, desired outcomes, nursing interventions, and patient teaching and rehabilitation. With the latest NANDA-I nursing diagnoses and new sections on Bariatric Considerations and Caring for the Elderly, this practical manual is designed to help critical care nurses and nursing students better care for any critically ill patient.

Table of Contents
1. General Concepts in Caring for the Critically Ill<
>2. Managing the Critical Care Environment<
>3. Trauma<
>4. Respiratory Disorders<
>5. Cardiac and Vascular Disorders<
>6. Renal Failure<
>7. Neurologic Disorders<
>8. Endocrinologic Disorders<
>9. Gastrointestinal Disorders<
>10. Hematologic/Immunologic Disorders<
>11. Complex Special Situations<
> 1. Heart and Breath Sounds<
>2. Glasgow Coma Scale<
>3. Cranial Nerves: Assessment and Dysfunctions<
>4. Major Deep Tendon (Muscle-Stretch) Reflexes<
>5. Major Superficial (Cutaneous) Reflexes<
>6. Inotropic and Vasoactive Medication Infusions<
>7. Sample Relaxation Technique<
>8. Ab
eviations Used in this Manual