Cardiac Catheterization Handbook

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This unique, easy-to-access handbook returns with enhanced coverage and clear instructions onwhat to expect, what to avoid , andhow to manage complications in the cath lab. Ideal for cardiologists who need aquick clinical primer on cardiac catheterization, it offerseasy access to information on the latest diagnostic and treatment advances necessary for optimal patient care.

Table of Contents
1. The Catheterization Laboratory2. Arterial and Vascular Access3. Coronary Angiography and Ventriculography4. Hemodynamic Data5. Peripheral Artery Disease and Angiography6. The Electrophysiology Laboratory and Electrophysiologic Procedures7. Special Techniques8. High-Risk Cardiac Catheterization9. Research Techniques10. Interventional Cardiology Procedures11. Optimization of Clinical Outcomes and Quality in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory