Principles & Practice Of Pediatric Infectious Diseases

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Comprehensive in scope, yet concise and easy to manage,Principles and Practice of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, 5th Edition, by Drs. Sarah Long, Charles Prober, and Marc Fischer, isyour go-to resource for authoritative information on infectious diseases in children and adolescents. A veritable "who's who" of global authorities provides the practical knowledge you need tounderstand, diagnose, and manage almost any pediatric infectious disease you may encounter.

Table of Contents
PART I: Understanding, Controlling, and Preventing Infectious DiseasesA. Epidemiology and Control of Infectious Diseases1. Principles of Epidemiology and Public HealthLucy A. McNamara and Stacey W. Martin2. Pediatric Healthcare EpidemiologyJane D. Siegel and Judith A. Guzman-Cottrill3. Infections Associated with Group ChildcareJennifer P. Collins and Andi L. Shane4. Infectious Diseases in Refugee and Internationally Adopted ChildrenMary Allen StaatB. Prevention of Infectious Diseases 5. Passive ImmunizationAmanda F. Goddard and H. Cody Meissner6. Active ImmunizationRaymond A. Strikas, Alison C. Mawle, Larry K. Pickering, Walter A. Orenstein7. Antimicrobial ChemoprophylaxisJohn S. Bradley8. Protection of TravelersKevin L. Schwartz and Jay S. Keystone9. Immunologic Development and Susceptibility to InfectionPaul K. Sue, Michal Meir, and Maite de la Morena10. Fever and the Inflammatory ResponseGrant S. Schulert and Alexei A. GromPART II Clinical Syndromes and Cardinal Features of Infectious Diseases: Approach to Diagnosis and Initial ManagementA. Septicemia, Toxin and Inflammation-Mediated Syndromes 11. The Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS), Sepsis, and Septic ShockJudith A. Guzman-Cottrill and Louise Elaine Vaz12. Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis and Macrophage Activation SyndromeHayley A. Gans and David B. LewisB.Cardinal Symptom Complexes 13. Mucocutaneous Symptom ComplexesSarah S. Long and Ishminder Kaur14. Fever without Localizing SignsRavi Jhaveri and Eugene D. Shapiro15. Prolonged, Recurrent, and Periodic Fever SyndromesKalpana Manthiram, Kathryn M. Edwards, and Sarah S. Long16. Lymphatic System and Generalized LymphadenopathyMary Anne Jackson and J. Christopher Day17. Cervical Lymphadenitis and Neck InfectionsEmily A. Thorell18. Mediastinal and Hilar LymphadenopathyMary Anne Jackson and J. Christopher Day19. Abdominal and Retroperitoneal LymphadenopathyAngela L. Myers20. Localized Lymphadenitis, Lymphadenopathy, and LymphangitisAngela L. Myers21. Respiratory Tract Symptom ComplexesKathleen McGann and Sarah S. Long22. Abdominal Symptom ComplexesIshminder Kaur23. Neurologic Symptom ComplexesGeoffrey A. Weinberg and Robert Thompson-Stone24. Musculoskeletal Symptom ComplexesC. Buddy CreechC. Oral Infections and Upper and Middle Respiratory Tract Infections 25. Infections of the Oral CavityJana Shaw26. The Common ColdDiane E. Pappas27. PharyngitisJohn C. Arnold and Victor Nizet28. Infections Related to the Upper and Middle AirwaysMarc Te
uegge and Nigel Curtis29. Otitis MediaStephen I. Pelton30. Otitis Externa and Necrotizing Otitis ExternaThomas G. Boyce and Karthik Balakrishnan31. MastoiditisEllen R. Wald and James H. Conway32. SinusitisEllen R. Wald and Gregory P. DeMuriD. Lower Respiratory Tract Infections 33. BronchiolitisH. Cody Meissner34. Acute Pneumonia and its ComplicationsChitra S. Mani35. Persistent and Recurrent PneumoniaRobert R. Wittler36. Pneumonia in the Immunocompromised HostMarvin B. Harper, Grace Lee, and Kenneth McIntoshE. Cardiac and Vascular Infections 37. Endocarditis and Other Intravascular InfectionsStéphanie Levasseur and Lisa Saiman38. MyocarditisChristina A. Rostad and Joseph A. Hilinski39. PericarditisChristina A. Rostad and Joseph A. HilinskiF. Central Nervous System Infections 40 Acute Bacterial Meningitis beyond the Neonatal PeriodSuresh Kumar Panuganti and Simon Nadel41. Chronic MeningitisDouglas Swanson and Christopher J. Harrison42. Recurrent MeningitisRobyn A. Livingston and Christopher J. Harrison 43. Aseptic and Viral MeningitisJin-Young Han and José R. Romero44. EncephalitisCarol Glaser and Karen C. Bloch45. Para- and Postinfectious Neurologic SyndromesJonathan B. Strober and Carol Glaser46. Focal Suppurative Infections of the Nervous SystemChristopher J. Harrison47. Eosinophilic MeningitisMarian G. Michaels and Klara M. Posfay-Barbe48. Urinary Tract Infections, Renal Abcess, and Other Complex Renal InfectionsMichael Davenport and Linda M. Dairiki ShortliffeG. Genitourinary Tract Infections 49. Sexually Transmitted Infection SyndromesMargaret J. Blythe50. Skin and Mucous Mem
ane Infections and Inguinal LymphadenopathyMonica E. Patton and Kimberly A. Workowski51. Urethritis, Vulvovaginitis, and CervicitisPaula K. Braverman52. Pelvic Inflammatory DiseaseEloisa Llata and Harold C. Wiesenfeld53. Epididymitis, Orchitis, and ProstatitisNoni E. MacDonald and William R. Bowie54. Infectious Diseases in Child AbuseBeth Emerson and Kirsten BechtelH. Gastrointestinal Tract Infections and Intoxications 55. Approach to the Diagnosis and Management of Gastrointestinal Tract InfectionsJumi Yi and Andi L. Shane56. Viral GastroenteritisEyal Leshem and Ben A. Lopman57. Inflammatory EnteritisDavid Blanco and Harpreet Pall58. Necrotizing EnterocolitisKanecia Zimmerman and Daniel K. Benjamin, Jr.59. Enteric Diseases Transmitted Through Food, Water, and Zoonotic ExposuresKaren P. Neil, Jonathan S. Yoder, Aron J. Hall, and Anna BowenI. Intra-abdominal Infections 60. Acute HepatitisVahe Badalyan, Laurie Conklin and John D. Snyder61. Chronic HepatitisParvathi Mohan, Muhammad Khan, and John D. Snyder62. Granulomatious HepatitisBeverly L. Connelly63. Acute PancreatitisBeverly L. Connelly64. Cholecystitis and CholangitisBeverly L. Connelly65. PeritonitisShawn J. Rangel, Samuel E. Rice-Townsend, Mahima Karki, and R. Lawrence Moss66. AppendicitisMarion C. W. Henry and R. Lawrence Moss67. Intra-Abdominal, Visceral, and Retroperitoneal AbscessesKaren A. Diefenbach and R. Lawrence MossJ. Skin and Soft-Tissue Infections 68. Superficial Bacterial Skin Infections and CellulitisHillary S. Lawrence and Amy Jo Nopper69. Erythematous Macules and PapulesBrittany S. Barros and Andrea L. Zaenglein70. Vesicles and BullaeJames Treat71. PurpuraMelissa Reyes and Lawrence F. Eichenfield72. Urticaria and Erythema MultiformeKara N. Shah73. Papules, Nodules and UlcersJennifer L. Sorrell and Christine T. Lauren74. Subcutaneous Tissue Infections and AbscessesCatalina Matiz and Sheila Fallon Friedlander75. Myositis, Pyomyositis, and Necrotizing FasciitisC. Buddy CreechK. Bone and Joint Infections 76. OsteomyelitisDavid K. Hong and Kathleen Gutierrez77. Infectious and Inflammatory ArthritisDavid K. Hong and Kathleen Gutierrez78. DiskitisDavid K. Hong and Kathleen Gutierrez79. Transient SynovitisC. Buddy CreechL. Eye Infections 80. Conjunctivitis in the Neonatal Period (Ophthalmia Neonatorum)Douglas R. Fredrick81. Conjunctivitis beyond the Neonatal PeriodDouglas R. Fredrick82. Infective KeratitisDouglas R. Fredrick83. Infective Uveitis, Retinitis, and ChorioretinitisDouglas R. Fredrick84. EndophthalmitisDouglas R. Fredrick85. Preseptal and Orbital InfectionsEllen R. WaldM. Infections Related to Trauma 86. Infection following TraumaSarah L. Wingerter87. Infection following BurnsJane M. Gould88. Infection following BitesMarvin B. Harper and Sarah Wingerter89. Infections Related to Pets and Exotic AnimalsJoseph A. Bocchini90. Tickborne InfectionsKristina BryantN. Infections of the Fetus and Newborn 91. Clinical Approach to the Infected NeonateJessica E. Ericson and Daniel K. Benjamin, Jr92. Bacterial Infections in the NeonateMorven S. Edwards and Carol J. Baker93. Viral Infections in the Fetus and NeonateRobert F. Pass and Swetha Pinninti94. Hospital-Associated Infections in the NeonateLaura Sass and M. Gary KarlowiczO. Infections and Transplantation 95. Infections in Solid Organ Transplant RecipientsMichael Green and Marian G. Michaels96. Infections in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant RecipientsJorge Luján-Zilbermann and David M. BermanP. Infections and Cancer 97. Fever and GranulocytopeniaMonica I. Ardura and Andrew Y. Koh98. Infections in Children with CancerMonica I. Ardura and Andrew Y. KohQ. Infections Associated with Hospitalization and Medical Devices 99. Healthcare-Associated InfectionsJane M. Gould and Susan E. Coffin100. Clinical Syndromes of Device-Associated InfectionsJulia S. Sammons and Jeffrey S. GerberR. Infections in Patients with Deficient Defenses 101. Evaluation of the Child with Suspected ImmunodeficiencyE. Stephen Buescher102. Infectious Complications of Antibody DeficiencyElisabeth E. Adderson103. Complement in Control of Infectious AgentsMichael M. Frank104. Infectious Complications of Dysfunction or Deficiency of Polymorphonuclear and Mononuclear PhagocytesE. Stephen Buescher105. Infectious Complications of Cell-Mediated Immunity Other than AIDS: Primary ImmunodeficienciesDavid B. Lewis106. Infectious Complications in Special HostsLara A. Danziger-Isakov, David A. Rosen, Jane L. Burns, and David A. Hunstad107. Infections Related to Biologic Modifier TherapyH. Dele Davies108. Infectious Complications of Corticosteroid TherapyKari A. Simonsen and H. Dele DaviesS. Human Immunodeficiency Virus and the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome 109. Epidemiology and Prevention of HIV Infection in Children and AdolescentsJennifer S. Read110 Immunopathogenesis of HIV-1 InfectionGrace M. Aldrovandi, Chiara Cerini, and Nicole H. Tobin111. Diagnosis and Clinical Manifestations of HIV InfectionPaul Krogstad112. Infectious Complications of HIV InfectionAllison L. Agwu and Russell B. Van Dyke113. Chapter 113. Management of HIV InfectionGeorge Kelly SiberryPART III. Etiologic Agents of Infectious Diseases A. Bacteria 114. Classification of BacteriaJoseph W. St. Geme III and Katherine A RempeGram-Positive Cocci115. Staphylococcus aureusRobert S. Daum116. Staphylococcus epidermidisand Other Coagulase-Negative StaphylococciPhilip Toltzis117. Classification of StreptococciDavid B. Haslam and Joseph W. St. Geme III118.Streptococcus pyogenes(Group AStreptococcus)Victor Nizet and John C. Arnold119.Streptococcus agalactiae(Group BStreptococcus)Morven S. Edwards and Carol J. BakerProofs to Edwards120.EnterococcusSpeciesDavid B. Haslam and Joseph W. St. Geme III121. Viridans Streptococci,AbiotrophiaandGranulicatellaSpecies, andStreptococcus bovisGroupDavid B. Haslam and Joseph W. St. Geme III122. Groups C and G StreptococciDavid B. Haslam and Joseph W. St. Geme III123. Streptococcus pneumoniaeKrow Ampofo and Carrie L. Byington124. Other Gram-Positive, Catalase-Negative Cocci: Leuconostoc and Pediococcus SpeciesDavid B. Haslam and Joseph W. St. Geme IIIGram-NEGATIVE Cocci125.Neisseria meningitidisAndrew J. Pollard and Adam Finn126.Neisseria gonorrhoeaeKatherine K. Hsu and Zoon Wangu127. OtherNeisseriaSpeciesZoon Wangu and Katherine K. HsuGram-Positive BACILLI128Arcanobacterium haemolyticumDenise F. Bratcher129.BacillusSpecies (Anthrax)Denise F. Bratcher130.Corynebacterium diphtheriaeIrini Daskalaki131. Other CorynebacteriaDenise F. Bratcher132.Listeria monocytogenesMonica M. Farley133. Other Gram-Positive BacilliDenise F. Bratcher134. Mycobacterium tuberculosisSilvia S. Chiang and Jeffrey R. Starke135. Mycobacterium Species Non-tuberculosisMarc Te
uegge and Nigel Curtis136. Nocardia SpeciesEllen Gould Chadwick and Richard B. Thomson, Jr.ENTEROBACTERIACEAE: GRAM-NEGATIVE BACILLI137.Escherichia coliEdwin J. Asturias138KlebsiellaandRaoultellaSpeciesWilliam J. Barson and Amy Leber139.Klebsiella (Calymmatobacterium) granulomatis(Granuloma Inguinale)Bradley P. Stoner140.Enterobacter, Cronobacter,andPantoeaSpeciesDennis J. Cunningham and Amy Leber141.CitrobacterSpeciesStella Antonara and Monica I. Ardura142. Less Commonly Encountered EnterobacteriaceaeJoshua R. Watson, Rebecca Wallihan, and Stella Antonara143Plesiomonas shigelloidesShai Ashkenazi144.Proteus, Providencia,andMorganellaSpeciesWilliam J. Barson and Stella Antonara145.SerratiaSpeciesEunkyung Song, Asuncion Mejias, and Stella Antonara146.SalmonellaSpeciesMegan E. Reller147ShigellaSpeciesShai Ashkenazi148. Yersinia SpeciesTheresa J. Ochoa and Miguel O'RyanNONENTEROBACTERIACEAE: GRAM-NEGATIVE BACILLI149AcinetobacterSpeciesGuliz Erdem and Amy Leber150AeromonasSpeciesMiguel O'Ryan and Yalda C. Lucero151. Less Commonly Encountered Nonenteric Gram-Negative BacilliMichael T. Brady and Amy Leber152.Eikenella, Pasteurella,andChromobacteriumSpeciesGuliz Erdem and Amy Leber153.MoraxellaSpeciesEugene Leibovitz and David Greenberg154.PseudomonasSpecies and Related OrganismsJane L. Burns155.Pseudomonas aeruginosaPaul J. Planet156.Burkholderia cepaciaComplex and OtherBurkholderiaSpeciesJane L. Burns157.Stenotrophomonas maltophiliaJane L. Burns158.Vi
io cholerae(Cholera)Janell A. Routh, Almea Matanock, and Eric D. Mintz159. Other Vi
io SpeciesKaren K. Wong and Patricia M. GriffinGRAM-NEGATIVE COCCOBACILLI160.BartonellaSpecies (Cat-Scratch Disease)Jin-Young Han and Richard F. Jacobs161.BrucellaSpecies (Brucellosis)Edward J. Young162.Bordetella pertussis(Pertussis) and OtherBordetellaSpeciesSarah S. Long, Kathryn M. Edwards and Jussi Mertsola163.Campylobacter jejuniandCampylobacter coliJumi Yi and Evan J. Anderson164. OtherCampylobacterSpeciesBethany K. Sederdahl and Evan J. Anderson165.CapnocytophagaSpeciesLorry G. Rubin166.Chlamydophila (Chlamydia) pneumoniaeSamir S. Shah167.Chlamydia trachomatisToni Darville and G. Ingrid J. G. Rours168.Chlamydophila (Chlamydia) psittaci(Psittacosis)Preeta Krishnan Kutty169.Coxiella burnetii(Q Fever)Gilbert J. Kersh170. Ehrlichia,Anaplasma,and other members of the Family AnaplasmataceaeWilliam L. Nicholson171.Francisella tularensis(Tularemia)Lorry G. Rubin172. Haemophilus influenzaeJoseph W. St. Geme III and Katherine A Rempe173. OtherHaemophilusSpecies andAggregatibacterSpeciesEmily Souder and Jennifer Vodzak174.Helicobacter pyloriLuis A. Castagnini, Benjamin D. Gold, and Mark A. Gilger175. Other Gastric and EnterohepaticHelicobacterSpeciesJonathan D. Crews and, Mark A. Gilger176.KingellaSpeciesPablo Yagupsky177.LegionellaSpeciesLorry G. Rubin178.Rickettsia rickettsii(Rocky Mountain spotted fever)Christopher D. Paddock and Gerardo Alvarez-Hernández179. OtherRickettsiaSpecies Marina E. Eremeeva and Gregory Alan Dasch180.Streptobacillus moniliformis(Rat-Bite Fever)Lorry G. Rubin181. Other Gram-Negative CoccobacilliLorry G. RubinTREPONEMATACEAE (SPIRAL ORGANISMS)182.Treponema pallidum(Syphilis)Sarah A. Rawstron and Sarah J. Hawkes183. OtherTreponemaSpeciesSarah A. Rawstron184.LeptospiraSpecies (Leptospirosis)Eugene D. Shapiro185.Borrelia burgdorferi(Lyme Disease)Eugene D. Shapiro186. OtherBorreliaSpecies andSpirillum minusEugene D. ShapiroANAEROBIC BACTERIA187. Anaerobic Bacteria: Classification, Normal Flora, and Clinical ConceptsItzhak Brook and Sarah S. Long188.Clostridium tetani(Tetanus)Itzhak Brook189.Clostridium botulinum(Botulism)Sarah S. Long190.Clostridium difficileNalini Singh and Karl Klontz191. OtherClostridiumSpeciesItzhak Brook192.BacteroidesandPrevotellaSpecies and Other Anaerobic Gram-Negative BacilliItzhak Brook193. Fusobacterium SpeciesNeil Rellosa and Jennifer Vodzak194. Anaerobic CocciDe
ah Meislich and Anat Feingold195. Anaerobic Gram-Positive Nonsporulating Bacilli (including Actinomycosis)Anat R. Feingold and De
ah MeislichMYCOPLASMA196.Mycoplasma pneumoniaeSamir S. Shah197. OtherMycoplasmaSpeciesSamir S. Shah198.Ureaplasma urealyticumSamir S. ShahDISEASES OF POSSIBLE INFECTIOUS OR UNKNOWN ETIOLOGY199. Kawasaki DiseaseAnne H. Rowley200. Chronic Fatigue SyndromeGary S. Marshall and Bryan D. CarterB. Viruses 201. Classification of Human VirusesRobert David SiegelDNA VIRUSES: POXVIRIDAE202. PoxviridaeBrett W. PetersenDNA VIRUSES: HERPESVIRIDAE203. Introduction to HerpesviridaeDavid W. Kimberlin and Charles G. Prober204. Herpes Simplex VirusDavid W. Kimberlin and Charles G. Prober205. Varicella-Zoster VirusAnn M. Arvin206. CytomegalovirusRobert F. Pass207. Human Herpesviruses 6 and 7 (Roseola, Exanthem Subitum)Mary T. Caserta208. Epstein Barr Virus (Mononucleosis and Lymphoproliferative Disorders)Ben Z. Katz209. Human Herpesvirus 8 (Kaposi Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus)Mary T. CasertaDNA VIRUSES: ADENOVIRIDAE210. AdenovirusesUpton D. Allen and Gail J. Demmler-HarrisonDNA VIRUSES: PAPOVAVIRIDAE211. Human PapillomavirusesLoris Y. Hwang and Anna-Barbara Moscicki212. BK, JC, and Other Human PolyomavirusesSuchitra RaoDNA VIRUSES: HEPADNAVIRIDAE213. Hepatitis B and Hepatitis D VirusesMelissa Collier and Sarah SchillieDNA VIRUSES: PARVOVIRIDAE214. Human Parvoviruses Kevin E. BrownRNA VIRUSES: REOVIRIDAE215. Coltivirus (Colorado Tick Fever)J. Erin Staples and Marc Fischer216. RotavirusesCatherine Yen and Margaret M. CorteseRNA VIRUSES: TOGAVIRIDAE, FLAVIVIRIDAE, AND BUNYAVIRIDAE217. Togaviridae: AlphavirusesJ. Erin Staples and Ann M. Powers218. FlavivirusesSusan L. Hills and Marc Fischer219. BunyavirusesBarbara Knust and Marc Fischer220. Hepatitis C VirusMelissa G. Collier, Deborah Holtzman, and Scott D. Holmberg221. Rubella VirusYvonne A. Maldonado and Avinash K. ShettyRNA VIRUSES: CORONAVIRIDAE222. Human CoronavirusesSusan M. PoutanenRNA VIRUSES: PARAMYXOVIRIDAE223. Parainfluenza VirusesAsunción Mejías and Octavio Ramilo224. Mumps VirusYvonne A. Maldonado and Avinash K. ShettyProofs to Shetty225. Respiratory Syncytial VirusH. Cody Meissner226. Human MetapneumovirusJennifer E. Schuster and John V. Williams227. Rubeola Virus (Measles and Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis)Yvonne A. Maldonado and Avinash K. ShettyProofs to MaldonadoRNA VIRUSES: RHABDOVIRIDAE228. Rabies VirusRodney E. Willoughby, JrRNA VIRUSES: ORTHOMYXOVIRIDAE229. Influenza VirusesFatimah S. Dawood and Joseph BreseeRNA VIRUSES: ARENAVIRIDAE AND FILOVIRIDAE230. Filoviruses and ArenavirusesMargot Anderson and Daniel G. BauschRNA VIRUSES: RETROVIRIDAE231. Introduction to RetroviridaeKatherine Luzuriaga232. Human T-Cell Lymphotropic VirusesKatherine Luzuriaga233. Human Immunodeficiency VirusKatherine LuzuriagaRNA VIRUSES: PICORNAVIRIDAE234. Introduction to PicornaviridaeKevin Messacar, John F. Modlin, and Mark J. Abzug235. PoliovirusesStephanie B. Troy and Yvonne A. Maldonado236. Enteroviruses and ParechovirusesKevin Messacar, John F. Modlin and Mark J. Abzug237. Hepatitis A VirusMelissa G. Collier and Noele P. Nelson238. RhinovirusesDiane E. Pappas and J. Owen HendleyRNA VIRUSES: CALICIVIRIDAE239. CalicivirusesAron J. Hall240. AstrovirusesJacqueline E. Tate241. Hepatitis E VirusEyasu H. TeshaleC. Fungi 242. Classification of FungiThomas F Patterson and Deanna A Sutton243.CandidaSpeciesP. Brian Smith and William J. Steinbach244.AspergillusSpeciesWilliam J. Steinbach245. Agents of Hyalohyphomycosis and PhaeohyphomycosisThomas F. Patterson and Deanna A. Sutton246. Agents of MucormycosisThomas F. Patterson and Deanna A. Sutton247.MalasseziaSpeciesDeanna A. Sutton and Thomas F. Patterson248.