Hypertension: A Companion To Braunwald's Heart Disease

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The third edition ofHypertension: A Companion to Braunwald's Heart Disease, by Drs. George L. Bakris and Matthew Sorrentino, focuses on every aspect ofmanaging and treating patients who suffer from hypertensive disorders. Designed for cardiologists, endocrinologists and nephrologists alike, thisexpansive, in-depth review boasts expert guidance from contributors worldwide, keeping you a
east of the latest developments frombasic science to clinical trials and guidelines .Hypertensionalso includes an Expert Consult eBookupdated with late-
eaking clinical trials ,reviews of important new articles , and thelatest guidance on clinical practice , all selected and masterfully edited by Dr. Eugene Braunwald.

Table of Contents
SECTION I: EPIDEMIOLOGY 1. General Population and Global Cardiovascular Risk Prediction2. Hypertension in Latin/Hispanic Population3. Hypertension in East Asians and Native Hawaiians4. Hypertension in South AsiansSECTION II: PATHOPHYSIOLOGY 5. Pathogenesis of Hypertension6. Genetics of Hypertension7. Inflammation and Immunity in HypertensionSECTION III: DIAGNOSIS AND EVALUATION 8. The Environment and High Blood Pressure9. Office Blood Pressure Measurement10. Home Monitoring of Blood Pressure11. Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring in Clinical Hypertension Management12. White Coat and Masked Hypertension13. Renovascular Hypertension and Ischemic Nephropathy14. Secondary Hypertension: Primary Hyperaldosteronism and Mineralocorticoid Excess States15. Secondary Hypertension: Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma16. Secondary Hypertension: Sleep Disturbances including Sleep Apnea17. Hypertension in Children: Diagnosis and TreatmentSECTION IV: RISK STRATIFICATION 18. Natural History of Untreated Hypertension19. Isolated Systolic Hypertension20. Assessment of Target Organ DamageSECTION V: ANTIHYPERTENSIVE THERAPY 21. Diet and Blood Pressure22. Diuretics in Hypertension23. Alpha Blockers and Hypertension24. Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone System Blockers25. Calcium Channel Blockers26. Central Sympathetic Agents and Direct Vasodilators27. Use of Combination Therapies28. Devices Therapies29. Alternative Approaches for Lowering Blood PressureSECTION VI: HYPERTENSION MANAGEMENT 30. Approach to Difficult to Manage Primary Hypertension31. Hypertension in Ischemic Heart Disease32. Heart Failure33. Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Disease34. Transplant Hypertension35. Obesity36. Cere
ovascular Disease37. Diabetes Mellitus38. DyslipidemiaSECTION VII: SPECIAL POPULATIONS AND SPECIAL SITUATIONS 39. Hypertension in Pregnancy40. Hypertension in Older People41. Hypertension in African Americans42. Baroreceptor Dysfunction/Orthostatic Hypotension43. Resistant Hypertension44. Hypertension and the Perioperative Period45. Aorta and Peripheral Arterial Disease in Hypertension46. Hypertensive Emergencies and UrgenciesSECTION VIII: OUTCOME TRIALS 47. Meta-Analyses of Blood Pressure Lowering Trials and the Blood Pressure Lowering Treatment Trialists CollaborationSECTION IX: HYPERTENSION TREATMENT IN THE FUTURE 48. Team-Based Care for Hypertension Management49. Understanding and Improving Medication AdherenceSECTION X: GUIDELINES 50. Updated AHA/ACC; ESH/ISH51. Putting All Guidelines into Perspective