Nursing Key Topics Review: Mental Health

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There's no better way to study for nursing exams and the NCLEX®!Nursing Key Topics Review: Mental Health provides a quick review of the psychiatric nursing information you need to know. More concise and less overwhelming than a textbook, this review simplifies essential concepts with bulleted lists, summary tables, and clear illustrations. So that you can check your understanding, review questions follow important topics- and always include correct answers and rationales. Audio summaries on a mobile web app let you study while on the go!

Table of Contents
1. Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing<
>2. Therapeutic Communication<
>3. Standards of Practice and Nursing Process<
>4. Legal and Ethical Issues<
>5. Psychobiology<
>6. Crisis Theory and Intervention<
>7. Mental Health and Mental Illness<
>8. Foundations of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing<
>9. Neurocognitive Disorders<
>10. Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders<
>11. Mood Disorders<
>12. Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders<
>13. Personality Disorders<
>14. Substance Abuse Disorders<
>15. Somatic Symptoms and Dissociative Disorders<
>16. Anger, Aggression, Abuse, Assault, Violence<
>17. Eating Disorders<
>18. Sexual Disorders<
>19. Trauma and Stress-Related Disorders<
>20. Special Populations