Review Of Sleep Medicine

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Author Avidan, Alon Y
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Successfully review sleep medicine whether you plan to improve your sleep medicine competency skills or prepare for the Sleep Medicine Certification Exam with this expanded review-and-test workbook that includesmore than 1,400 interactive questions and answers online . Now infull color throughout ,Review of Sleep Medicine, 4th Edition,by Dr. Alon Y. Avidan, features anew, high-yield format designed to help you make the most of your study time, using figures, polysomnography tracings, EEG illustrations, sleep actigraphy and sleep diaries, tables, algorithms, and key points to explain challenging topics. The text is fully searchable online and features hundreds of interactive questions and answers in study and timed practice modes, making this the ideal resource for ABSM exam preparation.

Table of Contents

Section I: Sleep Medicine Exam Preparation

1. Introduction to Sleep Medicine

Section II: Highlights of Normal Sleep

2. Sleep Phylogenic Evolution and Ontogeny

3. Normal Human Sleep Wake Patterns

4. Highlights of Sleep Neuroscience

5. Normal Sleep Physiology (Including Respiratory and Cardiac Physiology)

6. Genetics in Sleep Medicine

7. Introduction to Evaluation Tools Used in Sleep Medicine

8. An Overview of Polysomnography

9. Sleep Stage Scoring

Section III: Synopsis of Sleep Disorders

10. Sleep Deprivation

11. The Insomnias

12. Narcolepsy and Hypersomnias of Central Origin: Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Treatment

13. Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders: Clinical Features and Evaluation

14. Treatment of Sleep-Disordered Breathing

15. Circadian Rhythm Disorders

16. Diagnosis and Treatment of Parasomnias

17. Sleep-Related Movement Disorders

18. Overview of Electrocephalography and Epilepsy

19. Sleep and Neurological Disorders

20. Sleep and Psychiatric Disorders

21. Sleep in Medical Disorders and Special Populations

22. Pediatric Sleep-Wake Disorders

23. Synopsis of Geriatric Sleep Disorders

24. Cardiac Monitoring and Scoring in Polysomnography

25. Pharmacotherapy of Common Sleep Promoting Agents

26. Medication Effects on Sleep

27. Overview of Sleep Practive Parameters

Section IV: Testing Knowledge in Sleep Medicine: Practice Exams

28. Mechanism and Disorders of Circadian Physiology

29. Tools in Clinical Sleep Medicine

30. Practice Examination-Pediatric Sleep Disorders

31. Cardiology in Sleep Medicine

32. Pulmonary Sleep Clinical Case Studies

33. Psychiatry Clinical Case Studies

34. Insomnia Clinical Pearls and Case Studies

35. Neurology in Sleep Medicine: Polysomnography Case-Based Assessment

36. Hypersomnia Case Studies

37. Clinical Cases: Circadian Rhythm Sleep-Wake Disorders

38. REM and Non-REM Parasomnias

39. Seizures and Sleep

40. Sleep Related Movement Disorders

41. Sleep and Medical Disorders, and Special Populations

42. Sleep Pharmacology

43. Polysomnography Pearls

44. Sleep Stage Scoring

45. Artifacts

46. The Use of Statistics in Sleep Medicine-Exam Questions

47. Knowing your Sleep Practice Parameters

48. Quality Measures in Sleep Medicine

49. Normal Sleep Patterns

50. Mechanisms of Sleep Neuroscience


Statistics in MedicineCardiac ArrhythmiasStatistics for Clinical Trials and AuditHorne-Östberg Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire