Pediatric Physical Examination: An Illustrated Handbook

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Edition 03
Author Duderstadt, Karen G
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Known for its accuracy, consistency, and portability,Pediatric Physical Examination: An Illustrated Handbook, 3rd Edition teaches the unique range of skills needed to assess children of all ages. Spiral-bound for quick reference in clinical settings, this photo-rich, step-by-step guide to physical examination for advanced practice providers prepares you to expertly examine children from birth through adolescence. Body system chapters begin with fetal development and take you through the key developmental stages of childhood. For infants and young children, Duderstadt uses the quiet-to-active approach favored by pediatric experts and considered more effective for this age-group than the traditional head-to-toe approach used for adults. This edition features a new chapter on newborn physical examination, expanded coverage of skin conditions and newRed Flaghighlights that help you recognize high-priority health issues.

Table of Contents
Unit I: General Assessment 1. Approach to Care and Assessment of Children and Adolescents 2. Physical Assessment Parameters 3. Developmental Surveillance and Screening 4. Comprehensive Health Gathering 5. Environmental Health History 6. NEW! Newborn AssessmentUnit II: System-Specific Assessment 7. Skin 8. Heart and Vascular System 9. Chest and Respiratory System 10. Head and Neck 11. Lymphatic System 12. Eyes 13. Ears 14. Nose, Mouth, and Throat 15. Abdomen and Rectum 16. Male Genitalia 17. Male and Female Breast 18. Female Genitalia 19. Musculoskeletal System 20. Neurological SystemIndex