Basic Medical Microbiology

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Authored by the lead author of the bestsellingMedical Microbiologyand written in the same tradition,Basic Medical Microbiology was designed as a straight-forward, practical introduction to this difficult topic. It provides students with afirm foundation in the principles and applications of microbiology , serving as an effective prep tool for examinations and the transition into clinical application.

Table of Contents
Section I. Introduction Chapter 1. Overview of Medical MicrobiologySection I. Bacteria Chapter 2. Introduction of BacteriaChapter 3. Aerobic Gram-Positive CocciChapter 4. Aerobic Gram-Positive RodsChapter 5. Acid-Fast BacteriaChapter 6. Aerobic Gram-Negative Cocci and CoccobacilliChapter 7. Aerobic Fermentative Gram-Negative RodsChapter 8. Aerobic Non-fermentative Gram-Negative RodsChapter 9. Anaerobic BacteriaChapter 10. Spiral Shaped BacteriaChapter 11. Intracellular BacteriaSection II. Viruses Chapter 12. Introduction to VirusesChapter 13. Human Immunodeficiency VirusesChapter 14. Human Herpes VirusesChapter 15. Respiratory VirusesChapter 16. Hepatitis VirusesChapter 17. Gastrointestinal VirusesSection III. Fungi Chapter 18. Introduction to FungiChapter 19. Cutaneous and Subcutaneous FungiChapter 20. Systemic Dimorphic FungiChapter 21. Opportunistic FungiSection IV. Parasites Chapter 22. Introduction to ParasitesChapter 23. ProtozoaChapter 24. NematodesChapter 25. TrematodesChapter 26. CestodesChapter 27. ArthropodsSection V. Review Questions