Clinical Reasoning Cases In Nursing

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Edition 07
Author Harding & Snyder
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Hone your ability to make sound clinical nursing judgment via a conceptual approach to teaching and learning with Harding & Snyder'sClinical Reasoning Cases in Nursing, 7th Edition. This time-tested case study approach is highly regarded for its clinically relevant and thought-provoking cases. With each adoption, you'll be able to tap into 150 unique case studies covering all four clinical practice areas: medical-surgical, pediatric, OB/maternity, and psychiatric nursing, all newly organized to facilitate a conceptual approach to teaching and learning. Each case covers a common patient problem, drawn from actual clinical experiences and written by nurses who are clinical experts. Cases include integrated content on pharmacology, nutrition, and diagnostic/laboratory tests to encourage you to think critically about all aspects of patient care. The 7th edition features a new concept-based organization, an enhanced focus on interprofessional collaboration and QSEN, 20 all-new case studies, and updated content throughout to reflect the most current standards of clinical practice.

Table of Contents
1. Perfusion<
>2. Gas Exchange<
>3. Mobility<
>4. Digestion<
>5. Urinary Elimination<
>6. Intracranial Regulation<
>7. Metabolism and Glucose Regulation<
>8. Immunity<
>9. Cellular Regulation<
>10. Tissue Integrity<
>11. Cognition<
>12. Infection and Inflammation<
>13. Developmental<
>14. Reproductive<
>15. Mood, Stress, and Addiction