Study Guide For Understanding Nursing Research

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Designed to reinforce your understanding through hands-on work with high-quality published studies, theStudy Guide for Understanding Nursing Research, 7th Edition, provides both time-tested and innovative exercises for each chapter in the Grove & Gray textbook. This new edition includes an expanded focus on evidence-based practice, with each chapter featuringTerms and Definitions, Linking Ideas, Web-Based Activities, andConducting Critical Appraisals to Build an Evidence-Based Practice. The Study Guide is built around three high-quality published research studies located in the appendices and referenced throughout the book. These full-text articles, selected for particular relevance to you, will help you better understand the research and evidence-based practice processes and help you learn to appraise and apply research findings to clinical settings.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Nursing Research and Its Importance in Building an Evidence-Based Practice 2. Introduction to Quantitative Research 3. Introduction to Qualitative Research 4. Examining Ethics in Nursing Research 5. Examining Research Problems, Purposes, and Hypotheses 6. Understanding and Critically Appraising the Literature Review 7. Understanding Theory and Research Frameworks 8. Clarifying Quantitative Research Designs 9. Examining Populations and Samples in Research 10. Clarifying Measurement and Data Collection in Quantitative Research 11. Understanding Statistics in Research 12. Critical Appraisal of Quantitative and Qualitative Research for Nursing Practice 13. Building an Evidence-Based Nursing Practice 14. Introduction to Additional Research Methodologies in Nursing: Mixed-Methods and Outcomes ResearchNEW! Answer Key Appendices: A. Hallas et al. Study B. Erikson & Davies Study C. Wendler et al. Study D. Appraisal GuidelinesNEW!