Understanding Nursing Research

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Edition after edition, Burns & Grove'sUnderstanding Nursing Research: Building an Evidence-Based Practice has been known as a leading textbook of nursing research for evidence-based practice (EBP). Now under the authorship of Drs. Grove and Gray, this streamlined and enhanced 7thedition gives you even sharper insights into understanding, appraising, and applying published research for evidence-based nursing practice. Known for its authoritative content, time-tested systematic approach, and unique research example format - the new edition of this bestselling textbook includes an enhanced EBP focus, new content on the emerging trend of mixed-methods research, and a spotlight on need-to-know information to equip you to apply the latest evidence to your clinical practice.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Nursing Research and Its Importance in Building an Evidence-Based Practice<
>2. Introduction to Quantitative Research<
>3. Introduction to Qualitative Research<
>4. Examining Ethics in Nursing Research<
>5. Examining Research Problems, Purposes, and Hypotheses<
>6. Understanding and Critically Appraising the Literature Review<
>7. Understanding Theory and Research Frameworks<
>8. Clarifying Quantitative Research Designs<
>9. Examining Populations and Samples in Research<
>10. Clarifying Measurement and Data Collection in Quantitative Research<
>11. Understanding Statistics in Research<
>12. Critical Appraisal of Quantitative and Qualitative Research for Nursing Practice<
>13. Building an Evidence-Based Nursing Practice<
>14. Introduction to Additional Research Methodologies in Nursing: Mixed Methods and OutcomesNEW! <