Hematology, Immunology And Genetics: Neonatology And...

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Dr. Richard Polin'sNeonatology Questions and Controversiesseries highlights the most challenging aspects of neonatal care, offeringtrustworthy guidance on up-to-date diagnostic and treatment options in the field . In each volume, renowned experts address the clinical problems of greatest concern to today's practitioners, helping you handle difficult practice issues and provide optimal, evidence-based care to every patient.

Table of Contents
Ohls: Hematology, Immunology & Genetics: Neonatology Questions and Controversies1. Stem cell therapy in neonates-the time has (almost) come2. Genome and Exome Sequencing: Can it impact clinical care in the NICU3. Transfusion thresholds in the NICU-what have recent RCTs taught us4. DONOR MILK COMPARED WITH MOTHER'S OWN MILK5. Will standardized approaches to nutrition decrease NEC6. What is the value of identifying genetic causes of congenital hemolytic jaundice7. Using the New CBC Parameters in NICU Practice8. How near are we to using darbepoetin or erythropoietin as neuroprotective agents for perinatal hypoxic/ischemic encephalopathy9. Of what value to neonates is measuring end tidal carbon monoxide concentration10. How do we adopt anemia-preventing strategies in our delivery rooms11. Thrombocytopenia in Infants with Necrotizing Enterocolitis12. Genetic Risk Factors for Patent Ductus Arteriosus13. Genetic basis of PDA.14. GENETIC BASIS OF BRONCHOPULMONARY DYSPLASIA15. Prenatal genetic testing.16. Early diagnosis of severe combined immunodeficiency.17. Newborn Screening