Atlas Of Common Pain Syndromes

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The first step in the effective management of patients in pain is making thecorrect diagnosis . . . andhow to diagnose pain is what Waldman'sAtlas of Common Pain Syndromes, 4th Editionis all about.Written to help practitioners care for their patients in pain, this top-selling text providescomplete, concise, step-by-step visual guidance to help simplify the diagnosis and management of over130 common pain syndromes . The user friendly, easy to referencehead-to-toe format gives the practitioner a concise description of each pain syndrome along with full-color art, drawings, clinical photographs, and a full range of radiological and ultrasound images that will help simplify making the correct diagnosis.

Table of Contents
SectionIHeadache Pain Syndromes 11 ChapterAcute Herpes Zoster of the First Division of the Trigeminal Nerve2 ChapterMigraine Headache3 ChapterTension-Type Headache4 ChapterCluster Headache5 ChapterSwimmer's Headache6 ChapterAnalgesic Rebound Headache7 ChapterOccipital Neuralgia8 ChapterPseudotumor Cere
i9 ChapterIntracranialSubarachnoid Hemorrhage SectionIIFacial Pain Syndromes10 ChapterTrigeminal Neuralgia11 ChapterTemporomandibular Joint Dysfunction12 ChapterAtypical Facial Pain13 ChapterHyoid Syndrome14 ChapterReflex Sympathetic Dystrophy of the Face SectionIIINeck and Brachial Plexus Pain Syndromes15 ChapterCervical Facet Syndrome16 ChapterCervical Radiculopathy17 ChapterFi
omyalgia of the Cervical Musculature18 ChapterCervical Strain19 ChapterLongus Colli Tendinitis20 ChapterRetropharyngeal Abscess21 ChapterCervicothoracic Interspinous Bursitis22 ChapterBrachial Plexopathy23 ChapterPancoast's Tumor Syndrome24 ChapterThoracic Outlet Syndrome SectionIVShoulder Pain Syndromes25 ChapterDegenerative Arthritis of the Shoulder26 ChapterAcromioclavicular Joint Pain27 ChapterSubdeltoid Bursitis28 ChapterBicipital Tendinitis29 ChapterAvascular Necrosis of the Glenohumeral Joint30 ChapterAdhesive Capsulitis31 ChapterBiceps Tendon Tear32 ChapterSupraspinatus Syndrome33 ChapterRotator Cuff Tear34 ChapterDeltoid Syndrome35 ChapterTeres Major Syndrome36 ChapterScapulocostal Syndrome SectionVElbow Pain Syndromes37 ChapterArthritis Pain of the Elbow38 ChapterTennis Elbow39 ChapterGolfer's Elbow40 ChapterDistal Biceps Tendon Tear41 ChapterLittle Leaguer's Elbow42 ChapterAnaconeus Syndrome43 ChapterSupinator Syndrome44 ChapterBrachioradialis Syndrome45 ChapterUlnar Nerve Entrapment at the Elbow46 ChapterLateral Ante
achial Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment47. ChapterOsteochondritis Dessicans of the Elbow48 ChapterOlecranon Bursitis SectionVIWrist Pain Syndromes49 ChapterArthritis Pain at the Wrist50 ChapterCarpal Tunnel Syndrome51 ChapterFlexor Carpi Ulnaris Tendinitis*52 Chapterde Quervain's Tenosynovitis53 ChapterArthritis Pain at the Carpometacarpal Joints54 ChapterGanglion Cysts of the Wrist SectionVIIHand Pain Syndromes55 ChapterTrigger Thumb56 ChapterTrigger Finger57 ChapterSesamoiditis of the Hand58 ChapterPlastic Bag Palsy59 ChapterCarpal Boss Syndrome60 ChapterDupuytren's Contracture SectionVIIIChest Wall Pain Syndromes61 ChapterCostosternal Syndrome62 ChapterManu
iosternal Syndrome63 ChapterIntercostal Neuralgia64 ChapterDiabetic Truncal Neuropathy65 ChapterTietze's Syndrome66 ChapterPrecordial Catch Syndrome67 ChapterFractured Ribs68 ChapterPost-Thoracotomy Pain SectionIXThoracic Spine Pain Syndromes69 ChapterAcute Herpes Zoster of the Thoracic Dermatome70 ChapterCostoverte
al Joint Syndrome71 ChapterPostherpetic Neuralgia72 ChapterNephrolithiasis*73 ChapterThoracic Verte
al Compression Fracture SectionXAbdominal and Groin Pain Syndromes74 ChapterAcute Pancreatitis75 ChapterChronic Pancreatitis76 ChapterIrritable Bowel Syndrome*77 ChapterRectus Nerve Entrapment Syndrome*78 ChapterDiverticulitis*79 ChapterSpigilian Hernia*80 ChapterIlioinguinal Neuralgia81 ChapterGenitofemoral Neuralgia SectionXILumbar Spine and Sacroiliac Joint Pain Syndromes82 ChapterLumbar Radiculopathy83 ChapterLatissimus Dorsi Syndrome84 ChapterSpinal Stenosis85 ChapterArachnoiditis86 ChapterDiscitis87 ChapterSacroiliac Joint Pain SectionXIIPelvic Pain Syndromes88 ChapterOsteitis Pubis89 ChapterGluteus Maximus Syndrome90 ChapterPiriformis Syndrome91 ChapterIschiogluteal Bursitis92 ChapterEndometriosis*93 ChapterSalpingo-oophoritis*94 ChapterInterstitial Cystitis*95 ChapterTesticular Torsion*96 ChapterLevator Ani Syndrome97 ChapterCoccydynia SectionXIIIHip and Lower Extremity Pain Syndromes98 ChapterArthritis Pain of the Hip99 ChapterSnapping Hip Syndrome100 ChapterIliopectineal Bursitis101 ChapterIschial Bursitis102 ChapterMeralgia Paresthetica103 ChapterPhantom Limb Pain104 ChapterTrochanteric Bursitis SectionXIVKnee and Distal Lower Extremity Pain Syndromes105 ChapterArthritis Pain of the Knee106 ChapterAvascular Necrosis of the Knee107 ChapterMedial Collateral Ligament Syndrome108 ChapterMedialMeniscal Tear109 ChapterAnterior Cruciate Ligament Syndrome110 ChapterJumper's Knee111 ChapterRunner's Knee112 ChapterSuprapatellar Bursitis113 ChapterPrepatellar Bursitis114 ChapterSuperficial Infrapatellar Bursitis115 ChapterDeep Infrapatellar Bursitis116 ChapterOsgood-Schlatter Disease117 ChapterBaker's Cyst of the Knee118. ChapterPes Anserine Bursitis119 ChapterCommon Peroneal Nerve Entrapment*120 ChapterTennis Leg SectionXVAnkle Pain Syndromes121 ChapterArthritis Pain of the Ankle122 ChapterArthritis of the Midtarsal Joints123 ChapterDeltoid Ligament Strain124 ChapterAnterior Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome125 ChapterPosterior Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome126 ChapterAchilles Tendinitis127 ChapterAchilles Tendon Rupture SectionXVIFoot Pain Syndromes128 ChapterArthritis Pain of the Toes129 ChapterBunion Pain130 ChapterMorton's Neuroma131 ChapterInterdigital Burstis*132 ChapterFreiberg's Disease133 ChapterPlantar Fasciitis134 Chapter Sessamoiditis*135 ChapterCalcaneal Spur Syndrome136 ChapterMallet Toe137 ChapterHammer Toe