Nursing Key Topics Review: Fluids & Electrolytes

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Looking for a way to master fluids and electrolytes in the most time-efficient way possible? Instead of relying on overwhelming textbooks, turn to the focused review option that was designed for the specific study needs of today's nursing students.Nursing Key Topics Review: Fluids & Electrolytes covers only the most important and relevant information on fluids and electrolytes and organizes it into bulleted summary lists, illustrations, and tables to make the information easier to digest and remember. NCLEX-style review questions are also interspersed throughout the material to further focus your attention on the most important concepts and test your mastery. It's everything about fluids and electrolytes you need to know. And nothing you don't!

Table of Contents
1.Concepts of Body Fluids<
>2.Fluid and Electrolyte Balance and Imbalance<
>3.Concepts of Fluid Volume Deficit and Excess<
>4.Concepts of Acid-Base Balance<
>5.Nursing Assessment<
>6.Sodium Imbalance<
>7.Chloride Imbalance<
>8.Potassium Imbalance<
>9.Phosphorous Imbalance<
>10.Magnesium Imbalance<
>11.Calcium Imbalance<
>12.Concepts of Minerals & Elements<
>13.Fluid and Electrolyte Balance in Neonates, Infants, and Children<
>14.Fluid and Electrolyte Balance in Special Populations<
>15.Fluid Balance in Surgery and Trauma<
>16.Fluids and Electrolytes in Congestive Heart Failure<
>17.Fluids and Electrolytes in Renal Failure<
>18.Fluids and Electrolytes in Brain Injuries<
>19.Fluids and Electrolytes in Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar State<
>20.Fluids and Electrolytes in Acute Infection