Med School Uncensored: The Insider's Guide To Surviving...

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Author Beddingfield, Richard
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An entertaining insider's guide to the good, the bad, and the ugly of med school--with everything pre-med and med students need to know, from day one, to maximize opportunities and avoid mistakes.<
>Cardiothoracic anesthesiologist and recent med school grad Dr. Richard Beddingfield serves as an unofficial older
other for pre-med and incoming med students--dishing on all the stuff he would've wanted to know from the beginning in order to make the most of med school's opportunities, while staying sane through the gauntlets of applying to and succeeding at med school, residency, fellowship, and starting work as a new physician. With advice from additional recent Ivy League med school grads and top-tier hospital residents, this all-in-one guide is a must-have for everyone who dreams of becoming a doctor.

Table of Contents
>Introduction: Interview with a Pre-Med | 1<
>1.Why Go to Med School?: Time for Some Soul Searching | 6<
>2.Getting Into Med School: Easier Said Than Done | 19<
>3.Med School Flavors: M.D., D.O., and Caribbean | 38<
>4.Accepted: “It CostsHowMuch to Become a Doctor? | 49<
>5.Starting Med School: First Day of Summer Camp! | 60<
>6.Relationship Advice: Med School Years | 66<
>7.Stereotypes and Specialties: Jocks, Nine-to-Fivers, Geniuses, and Do-Gooders | 73<
>8.Gross Anatomy: Coffee and Formaldehyde | 80<
>9.Preclinical Years: Drinking from a Fire Hydrant | 84<
>10.Last Summer of Your Life: Research, Missions, Travel, or Booze? | 91<
>11.USMLE Step 1: Choose Your Career! | 98<
>12.Short White Coat: Now You're aRealDoctor (Almost) | 110<
>13.Dual-Degree Programs: Outlets for Overachievers | 118<
>14.Medicine Wards: Rounding, Admissions, and Discharge Summaries | 122<
>15.Surgery and the OR: Life as a Sleepless Human Retractor | 131<
>16.USMLE Step 2 CK: “But IReallyWant to Be a Dermatologist! | 138<
>17.USMLE Step 2 CS: “It CostsHowMuch to Prove I Speak English? | 142<
>18.Applying to Residency: Black Friday for the Airline Industry | 146<
>19.Match Day: Beginning of the End | 155<
>20.Graduation: Now You'reReallya Doctor (Almost) | 158<
>21.Tricky Terminology: The Confusing Language of Residency | 162<
>22.Starting Intern Year: Shit Just Got Real | 168<
>23.USMLE Step 3: Nobody Cares—Really | 174<
>24.Starting Residency: “Now This IsReallyWhat I Want to Do! Sort of . . . | 176<
>25.Relationship Advice: Residency and Beyond | 186<
>26.Sleep and Hobbies: ApparentlyNotRequired for Life | 191<
>27.Jolly Good Fellows: “Yes, Ma'am; May I Have Another? | 198<
>28.Get a Job: Light at the End of the Tunnel | 206<
>29.Doctor Beware: Scams, Shams, and Shady Groups | 226<
>30.Specialty Boards: “It CostsHowMuch to Prove I Know Stuff? | 233<
>31.Starting Your FirstRealJob: “Where's My Attending? | 237<
>32.Your First Attending Paycheck: “What Do I Do withThis? | 242<
>33.Continuing Medical Education: “It CostsHowMuch to Prove I Still Know Stuff? | 250<
>34.When Things Go Wrong: Guilt, Sleepless Nights, and Malpractice Attorneys | 254<
>35.Occupational Hazard: Dealing with Death on a Daily Basis | 262<
>Epilogue: Many Grains of Salt | 269