Higher Etiquette: A Guide To The World Of Cannabis...

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Author Post, Lizzie
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From the most established and revered
and in etiquette advice comes this surprising--and surprisingly useful!--guide for the millions of Americans who enjoy cannabis regularly, or new users who want to incorporate it into their lifestyles in a polite and respectful way.<
>It's the dawn of a new "post-prohibition" era, with more and more states legalizing recreational cannabis each election season. Although the stigma surrounding marijuana use is disappearing, many Americans still don't know how to be responsible, respectful users in the modern era. Enter Lizzie Post, great-great granddaughter of Emily Post, co-president of the world's most respected etiquette
and, and an experienced cannabis user. InHigher Etiquette, Post answers every question you have about pot today: how to
ing it to a dinner party, how to respectfully use it as a houseguest, and how to present it as a gift, plus a primer on the wide world of cannabis products that are available (and increasingly legal) today. With charming illustrations and a handsome, jacketless hardcover format, this is a book you will read, use, gift, and proudly display on your coffee table. It's sure to inspire some buzz!