Transition Economics: Two Decades On

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Celebrating twenty years of transition from socialism to capitalism, this book is designed to be the core textbook for undergraduate courses in transition economics and comparative economic systems. Given the passage of time,Transition Economics: Two Decades Onreviews and accounts for the outcomes in the so-called transition economies and, from an academic perspective, takes the reader through developments and issues in the twenty years of transition from plan to market.

Treating its subject matter thematically, the book incorporates much of the transition economics literature and evidence that have evolved over the past two decades. In particular, the authors focus on the most important aspects of economic transition, including:

the initial conditions at the outset of transitionparadigms and patterns of transitionthe main transition policies and economic reformsthe performance of transition countries and firmsthe lessons from transition.

The textbook covers a wide range of both contemporary microeconomic and macroeconomic issues, in over thirty ex-socialist European and Asian countries, including Russia and China.

Transition Economics: Two Decades Onis more than just a book about a particular part of the world or the transformation that was experienced at a particular time in history. The authors believe that the study of the economics of transition gives the reader an insight into theories, policies, reforms, legacies, institutions, processes and lessons that have application and relevance, beyond the specific transition from plan to market, to other parts of the world and to other times in history.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1. Pre-Transition: The Socialist System 2. Stylised Facts of Transition: Two Decades On 3. Initial Conditions at the Outset of Transition 4. Paradigms of Transition 5. Transition Reforms and Economic Policies 6. Enterprise Reform and Restructuring 7. Performance and Transition Outcomes 8. Labour Markets in Transition 9. Economic Transition: Russia versus China 10. Lessons from Transition