Evidence-Based Neurology: Management Of Neurological...

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From an expert editor team drawn from the Cochrane Neurological Network, Evidence-Based Neurology provides specialists and those in training with the skills and knowledge to apply evidence-based practice in the clinical setting.<
/>fills the gap between guidelines and primary studies as well as between primary and secondary scientific medical literaturesummarizes the most recent and important findings on treatments for neurological patientsmeasures the benefit and, when applicable, the risk of harm inherent in specific neurological interventionsnow includes new non-clinical topics of interest to neurologists such as education and research

Table of Contents
Contributors viiPart 1 Evidence-based neurology: introduction 1 Evidence-based neurology in health education 3<
/>Lawrence Korngut, Miguel Bussière and Bart M. Demaerschalk2 Evidence-based medicine in health research 9<
/>Dean M. Wingerchuk3 Evidence and ethics 13<
/>Joseph L. VerheijdePart 2 Evidence-based neurology in the hospital 4 Thunderclap headache 23<
/>Jonathan H. Smith and Todd J. Schwedt5 Coma 33<
/>Bappaditya Ray and Salah G. Keyrouz6 Acute ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attack 53<
/>Maria I. Aguilar7 Spinal cord compression 67<
/>Naresh P. Patel, Christopher A. Payne and Bhavesh M. Patel8 Delirium 75<
/>William D. Freeman9 Status epilepticus 81<
/>Kameshwar Prasad, Manya Prasad, Sridharan Ramaratnam and Anthony G. Marson10 Raised intracranial pressure 87<
/>William David Freeman11 Traumatic
ain injury 93<
/>Miguel Arango, Walter Videtta and Corina Puppo12 Myasthenia gravis 107<
/>Brent P. Goodman13 Acute visual loss 113<
/>Byron Roderick Spencer14 Secondary prevention of stroke 119<
/>Gord GubitzPart 3 Evidence-based neurology in the clinic 15 Central nervous system infections 131<
/>Gloria von Geldern and Avindra Nath16 Evidence-based neuro-oncology 143<
/>Michael G. Hart and Robin Grant17 Epilepsy 153<
/>Sridharan Ramaratnam and Anthony G. Marson18 Cognitive disorders: mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer&s disease 173<
/>Charlene H. Snyder, Bryan K. Woodruff and Richard J. Caselli19 Evidence-based treatment of Parkinson&s disease 191<
/>Nicholas D. Child and Bryan T. Klassen20 Therapies for multiple sclerosis 209<
/>Greg Thaera and Dean M. Wingerchuk21 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 219<
/>Cumara B. O&Carroll, Amelia K. Adcock and Bart M. Demaerschalk22 Peripheral nerve disorders 235<
/>Jennifer A. Tracy and P. James B. Dyck23 Critical illness neuromyopathy 243<
/>Brent P. Goodman and Andrea J. Boon24 Muscle disorders 249<
/>Amelia K. Adcock, Cumara B. O&Carroll and Bart M. Demaerschalk25 Sleep disorders 257<
/>Joyce K. Lee-Iannotti26 Acute migraine attacks 267<
/>E. Anne MacGregor, Rashmi B. Halker and Bert B. Vargas27 Therapy of vestibular disorders nystagmus and cerebellar ataxia 279<
/>Michael Strupp and Thomas Brandt28 Neuro-ophthalmology 291<
/>Martin Sutton-Brown and Jason J. S. Barton29 Therapeutic connection in neurorehabilitation: theory evidence and practice 303<
/>Nicola M. Kayes, Kathryn M. McPherson and Paula KerstenPart 4 Telemedicine feature 30 Evidence-based teleneurology practice 321<
/>William D. Freeman, Kevin M. Barrett, Kenneth A Vatz and Bart M. DemaerschalkIndex 325