Magic Of Sleep Thinking: How To Solve Problems, Reduce...

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Author Maisel, Eric
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Imagine solving problems and increasing creativity while you sleep! Grounded in current
ain research, this book introduces a simple but revolutionary program that shows how to do just that by learning to tune into your
ain's deepest intuitions. Case studies of ordinary people demonstrate how to use sleep thinking to tackle anxiety, weight gain, anger management issues, poor school grades, and more through a bit of self-inquiry, new bedtime and morning routines, and a few other lifestyle changes and additions.Dr. Eric Maisel presents clear, useful information relevant to anyone working through any sort of problem: personal, creative, or career-related. Readers learn how to use their own
ainpower to extract important information from sleep thinking, yielding answers that lead to actions and actions that lead to change.

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Imagine solving problems and increasing creativitywhile you sleep. Grounded in current
ain research, this tool for idea management and life-purpose clarification provides answers that lead to actions and positive changes.

Table of Contents
ContentsIntroduction1.         Understanding Sleep Thinking2.         Learning the Steps of the Sleep Thinking Program3.         Zeroing in on Problems4.         Getting Ready to Sleep Think5.         Evaluating Sleep Thoughts6.         Making Changes7.         Solving Your Problems8.         Reducing Your Stress9.         Upgrading Your Personality10.       Increasing Your CreativityPostscript: Working the Sleep Thinking ProgramRecommended Reading